Eight Months

Just a few days after Georgia entered into this past month, she started bashing out the milestones. It was crazy!

I'm starting to reach for people with both arms now!
This month Georgia has:
  • Said her first word - MUM. Or, more specifically, Mumumumum. Made my heart swell, such a special moment. :)
  • Said her second word too! Dadadada. She likes to whisper this word, which is very sweet.
  • Sprouted her first tooth! It popped out fairly quickly and caused a LOT of grief. It's a wee bit crooked. Tooth number two is still coming out, and it too is creating havoc. Stupid teeth!
  • Had two colds - which we think are because of the afore-mentioned tooth is still an unknown. The poor thing is teething and snotty and sick and miserable all at the same time, and we are all exhausted.
  • Cracked the 8kg mark! She weighed in at 8.3kg this week - but had a GIGANTIC nappy explosion not long after the appointment, which I swear weighed 200g by itself. ;) She's also 69cm long now and has crept up to the 50th percentile for height AND weight. 
  • Started eating pasta and meat. We still purée over here for the most part, but she's experimenting with different textures now. She has also chowed down on some finger foods, like banana, toast & rice rusks. She's still not a fan of peas or broccoli on their own, but has eaten everything else. Such a good girl.
  • Sat for two photoshoots! The first one didn't go too well {it was on the same weekend as her tooth/cold/swimming} but the second one produced many sweet family photographs.
  • Learned to actually JUMP in her jumperoo. Before now, she's just played in there. Now, the girl can bounce.
  • Started spinning around on her belly and doing 360's on the floor. Still no rocking on all fours or moving anywhere, but she's tolerating tummy time a bit more.
  • Had her first swimming lesson, which was far from successful. She sobbed the entire session! She's since gotten a little more confident in the water, but she prefers swimming with daddy than swimming with me! We've just kept plugging away since then, but she's still not a great fan of the water yet.
  • Smiled at strangers a little more - she's still a clingy girl who loves to be with mama first.
You can see all of Georgia's week by week pictures by clicking here.

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Candace said...

Happy 8 months sweet girl!
Isn't it nuts that once they hit one milestone, the rest follow so quickly!
Slow down little ones!

Unknown said...

Ohh my goodness those little chunky legs!! How adorable!

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

boo to the cold but yay to the rest! can't believe she's eight months old!!!!!!!!

Hapa Hopes said...

She's so cute I just wanna squeeze her!

Ang said...

She's so beautiful! Happy 8 months Georgia!!

Kemma said...

The beautiful chub! She's growing into such a gorgeous wee lady.

K said...

I stopped reading blogs for a few months and now she is huge and SO cute!
Hope Christmas goes smoothly for all.

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