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Well, I made it: thirty-one promts later & #weverb14 for January is done! It's been great thinking of my previous year & the year ahead, and what do you know? It's already February. Time flies when you're having fun.
30. anticipate
What are you waiting for in 2014?
I'm - we're - waiting for the right time to start planning for potential baby #2. I say potential, because there's just no guarantee with these things, but a girl can hope! I want to get to a healthier weight, and we need to save more $$$ first, but when the time is right - hopefully we can attempt, or at least plan to attempt another batch of IVF this year. We have 2 frozen embyros that might just help us out there, though having never gone through a FET before, I have no idea how that will go. For now, we wait & I dream. Even closer though, is Georgia's first birthday party. It's been great fun planning it; and we still have eight weeks to go!
31. venture
Stop saying I wish; start saying I will! What 14 things will you accomplish in 2014?
1. I will finish 6 books - and push myself to get through more if I can.
2. I will move - in some way - at least three times per week.
3. I will cook as much as I can, and experiment with new recipes as well as the old faithfuls.
4. I will organise more date nights with hubby so that we can have some baby-free time.
5. I will take more baths after the baby is in bed.
6. I will read to Georgia often and loudly, and hopefully pass on my love of learning to her.
7. I will stop letting the bathroom get so dirty before cleaning it. {I hate cleaning my bathroom.}
8. I will try to curb my swearing. A little. Hey, I said TRY. :)
9. I will keep on blogging, and writing what comes into my mind.
10. I will plan a fabulous 1st birthday party for my girl, just close family & friends.
11. I will continue taking fifteen million photographs of Georgia and documenting her growing up.
12. I will stop comparing milestones between babies & focus on all the amazing things Georgia CAN do.
13. I will donate more baby things to charity.

14. I will always remember how lucky I am when spending time with my little family.

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