Spencer-pup, v2

If you remember my previous post, Spencer was due to visit a new grooming salon after a less than positive experience. Well, he did it! :) Spencer had his first grooming experience that was POSITIVE - with J's help, of course. He was frightened, poor pup, but he managed to be bathed, combed & clipped; even had his paws and toenails tidied.

He didn't get the whole grooming experience {since we wanted to ease him into things} but it was a great start. We were really happy with how lovely & gentle the groomer was, and how beautiful he smelled afterwards. Lots of inside cuddles for this handsome man. We'll be booking him back in for another round in a few weeks, and hopefully this will continue to get him used to the ordeal. Just goes to show that a kind and patient groomer is SO important.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW - he's so handsome! What kind of dog is he?

I have two - a labradoodle (lab x poodle) and a goldendoodle (golden retriever x poodle) so they both have crazy, wild poodle hair that's not quite curly...lol...so they need lots of grooming but they're not quite old enough yet. I'm so worried they'll have a bad experience and never go back, but thankfully my friend is a groomer so I'm going to take them to her!

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW!

Man, this post brings back memories of us having to wrap our dog in sheets and holding him still with our knees like riding a horse, just to clip his nails. I think a groomer would have been worth it!

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