Using Those Legs!

Jut when you start panicking that your kid STILL refuses to crawl, pull up, or stand, she goes and does this.

Now she didn't GET there on her own - but she's weight bearing with her little pudgy leggies! And not collapsing! We were pretty stoked. That Huggies nappy box was the perfect height for her to play on. And, lest you think it was a fluke, the next day she did it again!

She even half-pulled herself up to reach a toy on the top of the Incrediblock cube - but she was sitting on my lap at the time, so was in the perfect position to grip and pull up. I'm not counting that as pulling up until she can do it herself from the floor. Regardless, she has two very proud parents! I bet her world looks different from up there.

Who knows? Georgia might just bang out one or two more milestones before her first birthday after all! :)

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Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

Yeah G! Get it girl!

Anna said...

Look at those chubby legs! Way to go!

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