Oh, this puppy dog. It's been a while since I mentioned how the fur-babies are doing. The fur babies are great; Oscar and Evie are loving life & are SO good with Georgia. It's so sweet to watch them interact with one another. Georgia is ALMOST saying 'cat' when she sees one, and they lie next to each other quite a bit. Other than the trauma of their annual vet visits, they're happy little indoor kitties.
Spencer is also doing really well. He lives predominantly outside, but comes in for visits - though we have to do a toy shuffle beforehand. Georgia's toys go in her toybox; Spencer's toys go on the rug. ;)
Handsome man.
Spencer is such a gentle giant. He loves Georgia, would lick her to death if we would let him. Unfortunately, while he wouldn't hurt a fly, he's also a big fraidy cat when it comes to being groomed. We bath him out the back in his swimming pool, but he's frightened of going in the car, and he's even MORE frightened of strangers trying to groom him. We tried to get him done again today - and despite me warning them over the phone well in advance that Spencer was nervous - they rang 15 minutes after we dropped him off & said they couldn't handle him.

Poor puppy. He's such a sweet boy, but he is so easily frightened. I rang around a few other places today after this morning's disappointment, and have found a lovely lady who we're going to try next week - she's happy for us to stay with him during the wash, and will start slow - even just a bath if he gets too nervous. She's dealt with scared dogs before, and is happy to try and give him a pleasant experience. We'll see how that goes. I hope she can tidy up some of his fur (and give him a good stripping, right down to the undercoat) because he LOVES lying in his wading pool in summer & gets a lot of matted fur. I've already had to cut some out, which I hate doing to his lovely coat; but the mats get so big, so fast. Hopefully by next Tuesday, he'll be a new pup.
Spencer says 'YAWN. Baths are for losers.'

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