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One of my favourite things to do is look around for bargains when it comes to baby products; but there are certain areas where I'm as equally interested in safety as I am in price. One of those products is the trusty car seat. With the Target focus being on all things baby this April, there were plenty of fun options for me to choose from; but I decided to be practical & smart with my shopping choices & focus on travel + transport.

So; let's talk car seats. For me, there are a few things that are of utmost importance: safety, comfort, size & durability. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the choices out there back when I was pregnant with Georgia - for a newbie parent, it's hard not to let the selections get the better of you.

When she was a littl'un, we decided to forgo the stroller/capsule scenario & head straight into the convertible car seat. For us, the reasons were pretty simple: we wanted to get the most use out of it as possible. Most capsules only last until bubs are 6 months old, or they outgrow them in length. The convertible car seats can be used from birth until approximately 4 years of age; for us, that made more sense in the long run. Car seats that are rear facing {which is recommended for a minimum of 6 months in Australia} are safe and well padded, and the reclined feature certainly made it easy for bub to get comfy & settle in.

Funnily enough, we chose a Target-branded car seat way back in those early days, long before I became a Target blog-hubber. We ended up with the Mother's Choice 'Mystique' Convertible Car Seat. I still remember how tiny she looked the first time she was in it; she looks a good bit different in there now! {Nom... feet.}

For safety reasons, we plan on keeping her rear-facing for as long as possible. She's also a bit of a shorty, so her shoulders still fall behind the warning levels. That said, we'll be turning her around in the next few months, so I wanted to make sure she was in the best possible seat when that happens. And while there is nothing on the cards as yet, we'd love to start planning ahead for Baby #2; so it seemed like the perfect time to look at our options for getting a second seat; with a focus on forward facing comfort. After looking at several options at Target, including the Safe and Sound, Mother's Choice & Hipod brands, today we purchased the Hipod 'Cairo' Convertible Car Seat.

This seat looks wonderfully comfortable; it's well padded, and can similarly be used from birth as a rear facing seat, or later on a forward facing seat. The reason we chose the Hipod came down to a few features that I liked;
  • It has the opportunity to be used as both a rear or forward facing seat - so we can use it for Georgia now, and for a future sibling further down the line
  • It has more seatbelt slots; meaning it will last longer than our current car seat as Georgia gets taller. 
  • It has wing-like cushioning, which will shield children well in either mode; piece of mind for bumpy trips.
  • It's not too big; it's quite a narrow seat, and should fit nicely in my small hatchback car.
  • It is able to be reclined slightly in forward facing mode; this will assist Georgia when she adjusts to being turned around, as well as providing slightly more comfort by not sitting completely upright.
  • It's made of wipeable material; NOT velour or suede. Babies are messy and sweaty creatures. Having a car seat that can be easily cleaned, and wouldn't cause bub to be sweaty, was VERY important.
We popped Georgia into the car seat this afternoon to see how she'd cope with sitting in it in forward facing mode; she didn't quite know WHAT was going on, but didn't seem to mind. As you can see, her shoulders are still below that line marker; so from a height perspective, she's still good to be rear facing. Thankfully she's happy facing backwards, with the help of a few important items; a back-of-the-seat mirror, some toys & a good book!
This is a pretty fancy lounge chair, mama!
Seeing her sitting in the car seat gave us a good idea of how much room she has in it to grow; I think the Hipod is going to serve us well over the coming years. We opted to have the car seat professionally fitted into our vehicle last time for peace of mind, and I think we'll do it again with this seat. I recommend always getting a professional to check your car seat once it's been installed, as it's so important for your little ones to be safe in the car.
 Checking out the safety features of her new car seat.
What features do you find most important in a car seat?
Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Target Australia & Breathe Gently. I have been provided vouchers to purchase goods & have been compensated for my time spent on the project. If you're interested in finding out more, or would like to partner with Breathe Gently in the future, please email me.

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~Mum~ said...

Very cool
she'll be in it before too long !!

Kemma said...

Such a big girl now!

I just wanted to throw it out there that even though the law in both NZ and Australia says we can forward-face at just six months of age, LO's are 400% safer in an accident if they are rear-facing until roughly the age of four.

Unfortunately it can be tough finding a seat that will rear-face beyond 12-18 months, they are out there!

Anonymous said...

my daughter was still rear facing until 15 months and the only reason we turned her was because we changed cars and it was easier to be front facing. My daughter started school this year and we did upgrade to a booster seat option only because I wanted a new clean car seat to keep the school uniform clean. She actually still meets the requirement for the car seat,

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