Where to Next?

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone say that their friend/sister/cousin/next-door-neighbour fell pregnant naturally after they went through IVF, I'd be a millionaire. Seriously people, IT DOESN'T HELP. And it's certainly not going to happen for us. Thanks, though. ;)

Enough of that though; let me give you a brief update of where we are.

I breastfed Georgia for 12 months. Can you believe it? After all the struggles we had at the beginning, the feeding issues in the special care nursery, the 3-hourly pumping and then subsequent feed/pump/sleep cycles we had for months afterwards - we made it to the one year mark. I'm really proud of how far we made it. We had a pretty good routine of four feeds a day/night {morning, mid-morning, afternoon, bedtime} for several months, so I gradually started dropping her feeds, one at a time, over the weeks. By her first birthday party, we had weaned completely.

I'm so pleased with how it went. We have gone directly from breast milk + solids, to solids + whole cows milk. No bottles, no formula - just cows milk in straw cups. She's done so very well. My boobs had a few odd days of soreness/fullness, but thankfully no mastitis or blocked ducts. Man, have they disappeared now though. Flat boozies.

That said, there was another reason why I wanted to wean. I've had no cycle at all since Georgia was born, apart from the normal post-birth bleeding. No ovulation, no AF - nada. Nothing. Which makes TTC for a future sibling just a little bit hopeless, though not for lack of trying. I've been using OPK strips to see if anything has been happening, and it's not been good. My body, whether it's still suppressed from the nursing, is NOT playing ball. Let's face it; we all know it isn't the breastfeeding that's stalled it; it's my dodgy PCOS ovaries once again.

An appointment was made, a fertility specialist visit was conducted - and we're starting to get things moving again for the coming months. First things first, induce a period. Ah progesterone, I've missed you. {NOT.} Hopefully in the next few weeks, I'll get that sorted. Then it's bloods, scans, monitoring, another induced AF. Sometime, maybe June or July? We'll have more actual plans in place.

Until then, it's all about Georgia. My sweet, adorable Georgia. She's all sorts of incredible! More updates soon. :)

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Unknown said...

You are being very proactive. I'm in denial about 2nd child thoughts. Just living in baby magic land. Not ready for any heart ache

JB said...

I'm impressed and a little jealous that you got her straight to sippy cups. D loves his sippy cup but spits out milk when I try to sneak it in :( We're about to go to no bottle...

Best of luck with getting your cycle back! Mine I think is somewhat normal now, and I stopped bfing in January.

Feisty Harriet said...

Oh goodness, so many big changes around your house! I sincerely hope that trying for baby #2 is not going to be as difficult as your experience waiting and waiting for Georgia. Sending lots of happy juju your way.


Jesica said...

I didn't get my first postpartum period until 19 months, so even though you have PCOS (so do I) it's not exactly abnormal to not have a period for an extended period postpartum. Good for you for taking charge though and doing something rather than sitting around waiting for AF! Hope it all goes as planned!

Nicole [Haus of Harnois] said...

Praying once things get rolling for you everything goes easy breezy! <3

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Unknown said...

Sending you happy vibes xx

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Ugh. I'm really sick of people asking me about a second baby as well. That being said, we recently laid out our timeline to try for #2. I hold out no hope that we will do it naturally, despite many people telling us stories that they have heard of others getting pregnant easily after IVF.

Anonymous said...

We get told that and asked all the time. And then the well we are going go for another bub next Jan so the bubs are such and such apart'......I might want that too, but they'll be 5,10 years apart with us, because it'll take that long again. Grrrrr

Anonymous said...

Feel for you Aly, i hope second time round is full of miracles for you. My bub is 1 this week and no AF here either, no PCOS and stopped bf a month back, no fun playing the waiting game.

Sarah said...

same story over here. just not as long of course. but gah. HOW ANNOYING. i thought i was crazy for taking OPK's without a period but how can one like us not? PEE ON ALL THE THINGS. sigh.

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