I wish I had more to write about, but I'm still sitting here in limbo.

Hoping life will pick up soon, so we can get on with things -- I'm trying so hard to be hopeful that baby #2 might be in our future, but it's so hard to be positive when it feels like you're going nowhere & everyone else is leaving you behind.

In the meantime... Georgia is delightful. All chatter, all the time. Couldn't tell you what language she's babbling away in, though! She's toddling up a storm, is totally in love with her animals, and is just the cutest damn thing.

I promise I'll update more frequently when I have news. If you could send some good vibes this way, I'd appreciate it!
What's new in your world?

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JustHeather said...

Sending many positive thoughts your way. It truly and honestly only takes once for #2 to happen. I never would have believed it and hate/hated everyone who tells/told me that. :D

Love the picture!

Candace said...

Thinking of you and sending all the good vibes I have.
Meanwhile - who is that young lady in your photo?! She's so big and absolutely the cutest little lady!

TwoPlusOne said...

Hey Aly, just thinking of you..hang in there!

Emilie said...

Always thinking of you my friend! xo

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