Teaching Your Toddler Expletives

It was shaping up to be another boring Wednesday evening. Dinner had been eaten {or pitched off the high chair}, things had been tidied up {and thrown back on the floor again} and we were settled in for Georgia's evening viewing of Bubble Guppies.
As is often the case with the elusive fickle toddler, this lasted all of five minutes before she wandered off to find something else to play with. Musical instruments? Nah. Building blocks? No way! Slightly irritating stuffed singing piggy? Yep yep yep!

Georgia was happily playing away, and I was happily taking photographs of her - she was in a great mood and was looking super cute in her summery outfit. It was then that I noticed she was REALLY paying attention to the pig - and I couldn't figure out why. Until she babbled something in gibberish, grabbed my hand, and passed me over something. She does this quite often; though it's usually clumps of car fur, or dust bunnies, or crumbs she's found on the floor, so I didn't think much of it. Until I opened my hand and IT WAS A SPIDER.


It was quickly smooshed {sorry, but we don't do spidies in this household} but not before I'd bellowed out a chorus of expletives, as Georgia sat there innocently watching me. You watch, she'll say those before she says 'Nanna' or 'Dog'. ;)

Wasn't until after she'd gone to bed and I uploaded the photos that I realised I had the whole thing on film - the only thing missing was my reaction, which is probably a good thing.

Luckily it was just a harmless house spider. When she gets bigger, we'll have to be having words about leaving spiders alone; Australia has too many dangerous ones that sometimes wander inside houses. She thought the whole thing was hilarious - my response to it most of all. This crazy kid, giving me heart attacks on a daily basis.

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Lisa C said...

My brother-in-law and one of our friends were swearing in front of the friend's daughter. His wife was quite unhappy about it and told them to stop. They did, only after they got her to say the b word (I won't lie, we all laughed).

Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

Your daughter is adorable!! I'm expecting a baby girl next month and have no idea what I'm in for. And I'm so sorry for your loss. I've also been through pregnancy loss a couple of times, and the feelings don't go away but time will help. Best wishes to you. http://redpoppypinkpeony.blogspot.com

pregnant in my forties - hopefully! said...

Little sweetie! I am terrified of spiders so I'm afraid I would probably have had the same reaction. And, y'know, expletives... they're everywhere. At least you're not like friends of mine who taught their son to say "bugger" as his first word! Then wondered why they would get called in to nursery!

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