Georgia's always been a good little eater. She took to solids like a pro way back when, and she's been fantastic with food ever since. Other than not particularly enjoying avocado, she ate nearly everything we threw at her.

Until now. Toddler-hood. Ruining good eating habits since 2014.

Seriously, I think she'd live on a diet of cereal, bananas & pasta bolognese if she could. I offer everything. I disguise veggies in meatballs and sauces. I offer different fruits at lunch time, which get pitched over the edge of the high-chair. Vegetables get licked, and then tossed.

Please tell me this is just a phase? :)

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Sunny said...

Ugh, yes. Jack who used to love everything hates vegetables now.

Candace said...

Yep! H will go from eating everything in sight to not eating a bite. So frustrating!

Angela Noelle said...

The other morning, I couldn't get the girls to eat any of their usual breakfast options (an already limited list), so they ended up just eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. I get the impression this is pretty normal behavior at this age ;)

JB said...

Yup. We go back and forth. He loves things one day and feeds them to the dog the next. I pray that eventually he will live off of something other than broccoli and hotdogs :)

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