It's a Freeze All

Day 6: E2 was 495 & progesterone 4.4
Day 8: E2 was 686 & progesterone 3.6
Day 11: E2 was 8000 (!!!) & progesterone 5.3

Unfortunately, our cycle is going to be a freeze all. I was quietly holding out a little hope after the progesterone dropped - but obviously the boost in the follicles has resulted in the progesterone level jumping too. Bugger. BUGGER.

The ultrasound today showed 14 follicles, not that I anticipate anywhere near that number at egg collection - but we have a few more to play with, which is nice. I'm glad the E2 levels are matching the scan now, too. The wait is on to see whether those follicles will hold mature, strong eggs.

So we are triggering tomorrow, and having egg retrieval on Thursday. And then, that's it for the year. They'll freeze whatever they get... and we wait until January to plan any transfers. There will be no more pregnancy attempts in 2014. :(

Shit, I hope we get a few good, strong embryos from this. My heart just can't handle any more disappointment.

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Oh no I'm sorry that you won't have a fresh transfer. I know that you were hoping to be pregnant before the end of the year.

Mrs. Higrens said...

Arg! Disappointment after disappointment after disappointment.

Hoping you get loads of nice super-high-grade embryos.

I know it's small consolation you'll be able to drink through the holidays. :(

Emilie said...

What determines a fresh transfer vs. freezing for a later date, the progesterone levels going back up on day 11? I've learned so much from you but I would rather be ignorant and know nothing that to see you go through this. Always sending you hugs. xx

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