FET #4 - Lining's Good & Transfer's Booked

It's been a quiet few weeks around here - mainly because I've not had anything to update about! We had our first scan and bloods done this morning, and I've been anxiously waiting around for a phone call all day to find out what happens next.

Good news: my ovaries are quiet, and my lining is nice and thick at 9.3mm - so the progynova did the trick. We were waiting on the bloodwork to check my E2 levels & progesterone, and they're all happily normal too. I can't actually believe things worked like they should SO FAR. I'm so happy.

Our transfer is tentatively booked for Tuesday next week.

I say tentatively because it all depends on my embryos. Tomorrow they'll thaw my day 1 embryos, a little batch of 3. The goal is to get one of those embryos to grow until day 5.. for Tuesday's transfer.

So many things could go wrong. They could all not survive the thaw tomorrow. Or worse, they could survive... but then all die out the following days, leaving us with nothing to transfer.

But I'm trying to stay positive... and so far, so good. Let's hope one of those embryos will be our BABY.

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Loving Lee said...

Good Luck!! I wish you the best of luck.

Liz said...

Good luck!! Hoping the thaw and growing goes well.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Woo hoo! Grow embies grow!

Emilie said...

So many things COULD go right, too. Fingers crossed!!

Shannon said...

I was just thinking about you today and I'm glad to see some good news. There are so many steps in you path to success, I'm sure it seems daunting. But you've made it through some important ones, and I'm glad you're able to stay positive about what's to come. I'm over here wishing you all the luck!

Rebecca said...

Think positive. So on the positive side if all three grow nice will you put all back or freeze some again?

Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you! Hope you're keeping yourself busy and positive while you wait x

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