TWW Rambles

My brain is a big old mess right now - so I'm resorting to bullet points to help me organise the chaos.

  • This TWW is dragging, like they all do. Today is 4dp5dt but I'm taking that with a grain of salt. You guys saw the embryo; even though it was a day 5 transfer, the emby itself was a lot slower than that. I suppose I'd be smart to keep this in mind when I start the pee-stick obsessions.
  • I'm still feeling less than hopeful. Hubby is being positive, as always, telling me I have a good track records of transfers working (but not staying) - but they were all proper blasties.
  • I have cheapy sticks to pee on this month. After wasting countless $$ on First Response tests over the last few transfers, I'm feeling frugal this time around. No expensive sticks unless a smidgen of a line shows up on an el-cheapo.
  • It's Georgia's birthday next weekend. My baby is 2. Am in total denial that this is happening.
  • This kid is AWESOME. She's chatting a lot more lately, and has the cutest little munchkin voice ever. She's learning her manners, and can say please ("thease, mama") and thank you, but will NOT say I love you. She laughs when we suggest it... cheeky monkey.
  • She's a total dare devil. Current favourites are throwing herself backwards in a free fall on the lounge and running at a million miles an hour. Gives us heart attacks constantly!
  • Speaking of Georgia, she's been in the wars lately. She's been fighting with her two year molars, and then caught a virus and has been sick as a dog for the last week. We're at the tail end now, but bronchitis and a round of antibiotics + a nasty cough has kicked our butts. The amount of times she's coughed so much, she's puked... ugh. We're all tired.
  • It seems like she's trying to pass her sickness on to us. Hubby is down, my throat is scratchy!
  • But I've been sick in three out of the four last TWW's after transfers... ho hum.
  • I'm an AUNTY! My brother and SIL have welcomed a little boy into their family. No name yet, and he's spending some time in the NICU for his breathing, but we're overjoyed he's here safely.
  • I can't believe that I would have been welcoming a little boy myself too. Makes me a bit sad that we won't have little boys running around and growing up together, but it just wasn't meant to be.
Life here is good right now, for the most part. :)

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Unknown said...

Good luck for the TWW! Praying for your sticky little bean!

Mrs. Agony said...

The 2WW is the WORST. The best part about IVF/FET is that it's not even a full two weeks. I actually start testing 4dp5dt because I am masochistic. Also, I buy three packs of FRER through Amazon Prime for $13 each. As I tell my husband, "My sanity is worth more."

Good luck to you!

Sara-Lynn said...

Crossing my fingers for you! I'm visiting from ICLW (19). My sister liver near Sydney so I'm excited to follow along and say hello.

Lisa @ AmateurNester said...

Commenting from ICLW... Best wishes on your TWW. I'm in mine, too!

Moira said...

good luck with the TWW. It really is just an unforgiving time. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Congrats on being Pupo!! I'm 5dp5dt and NOT testing! It is so hard not to, but I don't want to be let down. I hope you get your BFP!

JustHeather said...

The TWW sucks! The only two times I ever got BFPs were the two times I didn't test until I could: when AF should arrive.

2 years for your little girl?! Wow! She is growing! And she sounds like a 2 year old. Our boy's tantrums have only gotten worse as year 2 has worn on. How can I handle more of these tantrums?! LOL (Sometimes it is all I can do to not laugh though.)


Feisty Harriet said...

Hugs, sweetheart.


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