FET #4 - HRT

We have a FET timeline! I'm really glad to be feeling a bit more 'in the know' about how this is going to {hopefully} work.

I've been on Progynova since CD2 - 1 tablet per day. As of tomorrow, I increase the Progynova to 2 tablets per day. As of Sunday, I increase the Progynova to 3 tablets per day. If the E2 levels are going well, we'll stay at that level of Progynova until the cycle is over, or if we get pregnant.

There's a blood test and a scan booked for next Thursday, which will be CD14. If the lining looks decent then... we'll get a date set for our transfer. Man, I can't WAIT to be at that point, seriously. :)

I found out today that our frozen embryos are frozen in batches of 3, 3, 1 and 1 - at day 1 stage. They hope to grow out at least 1 of those 3 into a blastocyst, but if there are problems with the thaw at day 1, they have the option to grab one of the singles out and thaw that too. We're aiming for a 5-day single embryo transfer, but if they happen to grow more than one out, they can refreeze those blastocysts. I don't expect any to be good enough to re-freeze... I'm just praying we get a good one.

So that's that. Another week of Progynova and a whole lot of hope that this lining is growing nice and thick!

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Shannon said...

Grow lining grow! Dear god I hope that lining grows and you get at least one good embryo and that embryo transfers perfectly, and then hangs around to become a fetus and then a baby!

~Mum~ said...

praying for you
love you

L said...

Here we go!!!! Good luck...

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