5 weeks + 6 days & a Hospital Visit

So I was doing okay, the spotting from a few days ago had stopped, I was taking it easy... and I was feeling fine. Until yesterday.

I felt dizzy, and stood up from the lounge to refill my water bottle... and I bled. Like, a gush, that sent me running to the bathroom. Bright red, a few clots, and I felt sick as a dog.


So, it was after 5pm, and my clinic & OB office closed - so I rang the after hours mobile, who told me to watch the bleeding and they'd try and organise a scan for me the next day. Not long after that, I bled again.

Since I was feeling so woozy, I decided to head to the hospital. I knew in my heart that there wasn't really anything they could do... but at the very least, they could run some tests and see if my hcg had dropped, or see if this miscarriage had already started/was imminent.

They took bloods and gave me fluids, because my BP had dropped a bit and I was dehydrated. Then it was a long time to wait for the results, and for a sonographer to come in and do a scan for me.

Hubby and I were sure it was over.

They wheeled me down for an ultrasound, and she looked through my belly first - just a blurry sac could be seen. Then, we tried dildo cam - and she could see a sac and a yolk sac, perfectly round. That was about it, and she said for being so early (5w5d) that wasn't unusual. Then she went quiet, and announced she thought she had found the baby - and she had! It was pressed right up against the wall of the uterus, and barely 2mm long. And, get this, she found a heart beat! Only 94bpm, but at that gestation, I can't believe she even found that!

I didn't get to see it, because it was an emergency screen only, but J got to witness it, and nearly fell over. Olaf is trying so hard to hang in there!

She couldn't find any reason for the bleed, except for a tiny dot next to the sac - but she said everything looked fairly good from what she could see this early on. The truth would come with the blood test results.

We got back to the emergency ward, and waited .. and the doctor came in and said we could go. Just like that. I looked surprised, and she said 'Oh, you have a viable pregnancy, it's all okay'. The blood test results had returned, they just hadn't told us. It rose from 3896 on Tuesday to 9243 Thursday.
She couldn't explain the bleeding but told me to take it easy and rest, and I'm booked in to see my OB this afternoon anyway - but even through those gushes, there's a baby in there right now.

Please tell me some good stories about random bleeds in early pregnancy? I've been pregnant five times, and never ever experienced anything like this.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I am currently 9+5 and at 6 weeks had bright red bleeding. 2 follow up u/s revealed that baby was measured right on track and no reason for the bleeding. I thought it might have been irritation from my p4 pessaries. With the ok of my FS, I changed to taking them rectally (same absorption rate). While not the most pleasant thing in the world, I've had no bleeding since. Maybe it's something you could consider?

Nathan Pralle said...

Not that I know a whole lot, but I've heard of bleeding from a swollen cervix, implantation bleeding even beyond the start of the sack, etc. I'm glad that it's good news so far! Keep going!!

Carly said...

Oh my! This is such great news! I have happy tears!



Two said...

I started bleeding bright red at 6 weeks with an IVF embryo - thank heavens my workplace is literally next door to the women's hospital. I made it there before bursting into tears, as I was gushing bright red blood and not at all confident of a viable pregnancy.

Five solid weeks of bleeding (and scans every week to show a happy bean) later, it finally stopped.

My munchkin is 14 months old and none the worse for wear. She just choose to start giving me grey hairs early! (Both my gyno and the ED docs said bleeding in early pregnancy is more common than advertised, and unless there's accompanying cramping or pain, not necessarily an indication of miscarriage).

Jess said...

Oh, that's wonderful, though I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I have had multiple friends with bright red bleeds early in the first trimester who had healthy babies come out of those pregnancies. In some cases it was a subchorionic hematoma, sometimes it was cervical irritation, and sometimes there was no obvious explanation. Crossing my fingers that that will be your outcome as well--go Olaf go!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was in a pretty similar situation, we did IVF for our first (which went as smoothly as we could hope for IVF), and then had a very bumpy road trying to get pregnant again with IVF for our second. Your blog has been a big help! Just wanted to share my story for this round because I actually did have some random bleeds and (so far) it seems to be okay. Right now I'm 17 weeks pregnant. When I was around 5 weeks, I had some bright red bleeding (maybe a bit more than I'd call "spotting" but not a ton). This came back once or twice that week, one scan showed no problems and then another scan showed a small subchorionic hematoma (pocket of blood in the lining of the uterus, if I've got that right) which the doctor said placed me at higher risk for miscarriage but was not a huge problem. Around 6.5 weeks I had a HUGE gush of bright red blood, but everything was fine and I haven't had any bleeding since - I think it was the pocket of blood just emptying itself out. Good luck with everything, I'm rooting for you & Olaf!

Annie Jeal said...

Alynda I bled when I was pregnant with Josh, at 7 week and was heavy, fresh blood and totally unexplained! I continued to bleed lightly up until I was about 14 weeks! He was a happy healthy baby but I really didn't rest until I had my 12 week scan...so totally understand the stress and worry you're going through :-( xx

Kato Potato said...

OMG, JUJU!! That's amazing that they could find the heartbeat. I hope everything with Olaf is just fine!

My friend just had a bleed like this in her first pregnancy around 13 weeks. She was on a train to Germany taking a nap when she awoke covered in bright red blood, she freaked out and went to the hospital and apparently what happened (they think) is that there was some kind of haemorrhage from a sac on the wall of the uterus, kind of between the placenta and the uterus. She had had a cyst earlier in the year and they think something like this developed... but moving too much made it unhappy and she bled bright red, BUT she rested and baby was fine. She had to stay in the hospital a few days and then home for a couple weeks and take some medicine to try and stop the bleeding, but after that it eventually stopped like 4-5 weeks later and then she had a relatively normal pregnancy after that.

My Mom also had some major bleeding and clots come out when she was pregnant with one of my brothers. She was sure it was a miscarriage, but at the doctor, they confirmed the baby was there and although he came quite early (born in the wrong year) he arrived safe and sound!

Take it easy! <3

Lyndz said...

I had a big gush if blood at 9 weeks with my 5th pregnancy. I was sure it was a 3rd miscarriage, but I now have a beautiful baby girl and no one ever figured out why the strange bleeding!

Unknown said...

Had bleeding AND cramping at 6w0d with my twins. Thought for sure it was over, was praying it meant we'd only lost one. But they were both there, doing fine. Happened again at 8, 10, and 13 weeks. They just turned two.

Congratulations. :) Have been reading since before G was born.

JB said...

I did with my first. Had that baby not implanted on the septum in my uterus, he would've been just fine. the blood had NOTHING to do with a viable baby. Praying for you and Olaf. I'm sure your poor nerves can't take anymore, but I'm SO glad she found a heartbeat.

Just T said...

With my twins, I started having gushes of bright red blood at 6 weeks and it lasted until 17 weeks. At first they couldn't see anything, but later on they found a subchorionic hematoma that solved why I was bleeding all the time. It happened every few days for all those weeks. At first I just knew I was losing the babies, but as time went on, they were just fine. It is very scary and causes so much anxiety. Luckily, my RE let me come in for u/s every week until I was 12 weeks and then the OB let me get them every week until I stopped bleeding.

Cathy K said...

That's wonderful news!! My daughter went thru a similar thing at around 11 weeks. She said there was a huge gush of blood and she thought for sure she lost the baby. Well, today my little granddaughter is thriving at 2 weeks old. Sending you prayers for a successful pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby.
~Cathy K

Cassie Dash said...

I'm so happy for you. That Olaf is a fighter! I've never bled in pregnancy, but I know many who have and my mom says she bled the whole first trimester with me and yet...here I am. Deep breaths. One day at a time. Easy for me to say, I know...but I have a good feeling about this. xo

Feisty Harriet said...

Eeeeee!!!! Come on, Olaf!! You can do it!!

Honey, I do not know how your nerves are still even sort of intact, just reading about all your ups and downs has mine on edge, I cannot imagine actually living through it!


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