6 weeks + 4 days

I really need to document more of this pregnancy, while it's in its early stages. The past couple of days, I have had a little bit of reassurance going back and reading my blog from G's pregnancy. It feels like so long ago now that I've forgotten all the little things, even though family & friends have reminded me that I had similar worries back then.

These were my symptoms from Week 6: I'm tired, all the time. Some cramping started up in the past few days, strong enough to scare me a little, but so far all seems okay. Things are a little 'interesting' in a digestive sense, but no vomiting, only teeny amounts of queasiness, usually around midday or if I haven't eaten. My boobs still feel exactly the same.

Well, today I'm 6 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I feel JUST like that. Cramps, enough to freak me out and make me go sit down, they started up yesterday and are still going strong today. Still no sickness except for the odd waves of nausea. Weird tummy stuff. And normal-ish boobs, unless I mash them to check if they're sore or not yet. The usual!

Hubby is going to come with me on Friday, as I think I need the moral support. I'm so glad that I'm able to have weekly scans at this point, but I'm also petrified that something sinister might have happened since last week - could baby's heartbeat have stopped, could growth be too slow, yada yada yada. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't want to be myself for this appointment.

Breathing, gently.

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Jess said...

Oh, I'm glad your symptoms are encouraging! Everything crossed for Friday!

Feisty Harriet said...

My heart is so hopeful for you and little Olaf! Come on, Friday! Come on, Olaf!!


Kato Potato said...

I'm glad you can look back from your posts about G and compare how you were feeling that time. Only a little while till Friday now!

Katelin said...

I'm so glad you can go weekly, that is such a relief since the beginning I feel like is the most nerve wrecking. So excited for you xo

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