16 weeks + 5 days

Had such a wonderful OB appointment today.

My BP was the lowest it's been this pregnancy so far (sweet relief!) and everything looks really, really good!
Baby flashed us her bits pretty early on - she is DEFINITELY a she! It seems crazy, but I needed to see for myself; just hearing it from the NIPT results was one thing, but yep.. girl parts!
She measured at 17 weeks, a nice big skull and stomach, bendy little limbs and seemed very sweetly squished in there - and a big, frustratingly placed anterior placenta blocking all the wiggles out. I know I'm disappointed to not feel movements yet, but I'm just glad things look good - easy to see umbilical cord, thick placenta, decent amount of fluid.
We have our morphology scan in a fortnight, and then we'll see our OB again a fortnight after that. It will be amazing to get through all those milestones, let me tell you. I just hope all continues to go well. 
I'm so, so happy. Completely and utterly over the moon, happy. ANOTHER BABY GIRL! 

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Jess said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad everything is looking good!

doahleigh said...

I had an anterior placenta with Drummond, and I didn't feel much movement the whole pregnancy. I mean, enough to not panic (most days), but it was much less than with Moselle. I had twice weekly NSTs because of gestational diabetes, and I was so grateful for those. I may have been a lot more panicky without that frequent encouragement!

Oh by the way, I am loving all this good news and I'm so so so so happy for you!

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