19 weeks + 5 days

Here we are, muddling our way to the halfway point.

Since the morphology scan, I've been feeling pretty crampy and having lots of discharge. (Ah, the joys of pregnancy!) Last night the cramping really ramped up - I hardly slept, had maxed out on water and Panadol, and really struggled to stay calm through it all. Combine those symptoms with a lack of movement, and I was feeling pretty stressed out this morning.
Thankfully I have the most wonderful of Obstetricians (and his lovely staff) who are always accommodating when it comes to my anxiety - and so I popped in for an impromptu visit to check on the baby. She was fine, hanging out and fast asleep, heart racing away at 155bpm.
He is going to start me on fortnightly visits a little early, and will be keeping an eye on my cervix measurement. It's not bad at the moment, but it's worth keeping an eye on. Since the baby seems to be doing fine, I think it's probably more for my peace of mind than anything else, but I appreciate it all the same.
The newest development? Baby has flipped bum-down into the Breech position, and her butt is quite literally pressing over my cervix - which could well be the reason for the pressure and cramping. Please tell me that she has plenty of time to flip head down over the coming weeks, right? Breech was never even on my radar, I've been more worried about getting through each week as it comes! 
Now.. how about some more little pictures from last week's morphology scan?
My littlest lady, just hanging out and being cute. 
Hiding her face behind her hands. And a leg off to one side for good measure.
Practicing ' the Thinker' pose.. she was opening her mouth & sucking on her fingers.

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Emilie said...

So let me tell you my breech story! I was born at 37 weeks on 11/27. My mom went to a wedding on 10/17 and I flipped into a breech position that night - my mom said it felt so weird! She was 32 weeks then. They did all sorts of things to try to flip me back but I was stubborn. Somehow, right before I was born, I flipped back to the normal position without my mom even noticing. So you've got time and it's definitely within the realm of normal for little lady to flip back and forth a bit!

I'm glad your OB is seeing you more frequently now and that he's done a great job addressing your concerns. You definitely deserve that peace of mind. You're so close to halfway!!

Jess said...

Oh she has tons and tons of time to flip back out of the breech position. Both my kids were constantly switching back and forth between breech and not during the 20s. Callum was head down at 20 weeks, breech at 24, and head down again at 32. Annika was breech at 20 and head down at 32. They don't even start checking for head down position until 32 weeks, or really worrying about it until about 36 weeks, because baby is so small and has so much move to room before then that she will probably flop around between breech and head down every day!

Cassie Dash said...

Glad everything is okay! My pregnancy after infertility and a loss was filled with so much anxiety and worry...I remember very well how hard it is. And yes, there is LOTS of time for her to flip and flip again and again and again... My daughter turned breech three days past her due date. And turned head-down again the day after! Some babies just like to keep us guessing. Hang in there!

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