Baby #2 - Week 18

Baby! Mooooooooooove, please. Big, giant, movements. Help your momma out over here, ok?

How far along: 18 weeks + 2 days now.

How big is baby? Research says that the baby is approximately 14cm long & the size of a sweet potato!

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Sleep: Not great at all, to my sadness. The cold turned into a flu, turned into a sinus infection, and I've been struggling to breathe when lying down. This poor little baby, I hope it's managing okay in there - because I've been feeling like a pretty awful host.

Symptoms: Not a lot this week, actually. I've mostly just been feeling rubbish.

Best moment of this week: Hitting 18 weeks is a pretty nice little milestone. :)

Miss anything: I miss sleeping!

Movement: Well, after last week's 'maybe' moments, this week has been back to quiet on the movement front. I am desperately waiting for the reassurance. I know, I know, it'll come.. eventually.

Food cravings: After watching Masterchef last night, I now want calamari. Which is weird, because I don't eat seafood.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just this horrible lurgy.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? I'm mostly cranky and miserable - but I'm trying to be positive that all will be okay.

Looking forward to: Saturday and my 19 week scan... I want to see this little lady again!

The Bump: BLUMP.

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Feisty Harriet said...

Eeeep!! Yaaay!


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