Thoughts this Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to...

  • Mums who have older children, who get to share their day with their grown up kids
  • Mums who now have grandkids, who get to experience the day with even more little ones
  • Mums who have wee ones, who will celebrate with a child of their own for the first time
  • Mums who are single parents, who are the entire world to their little family
  • Mums who have lost, who are missing the child/children they carried in their wombs & hearts
  • Mums who have yearned, who are still waiting for their chance to become a parent
  • Mums who have no children, who find this day so challenging
  • Mums who have passed on, who we miss so, so much
I'm still floored that I'm somebody's Mother. For so many years, this day was bittersweet, and now I'm one of the lucky ones. I'll spend my day visiting my Mum/MIL, and hopefully getting to cuddle my little lady and spend time together as a family.
I'll never forget the sadness and yearning this day brought, and my heart is with my friends who are still in the trenches with no end in sight. You're not alone, even though it might feel that way as you're surrounded by reminders of the day. Be strong.

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