And so it begins.

Well, I'm not quite sure how you found this blog, considering it was only created for the purpose of putting up with me and my ramblings. But it's nice to meet you, and I'd love it if you could leave a comment with some info in there. That way, I'll feel loved. I've seen lots of other journals from my random browsing and think it's fantastic that people can get to know each other through blogs.

And stalk each other. And lurk. And all those other lovely things.

But I'm being honest to say that I don't mind. I have a personal Livejournal which is more for bitching than anything else. That's been public for a while. So after seeing some other snazzy ones, I've always wanted to have my own.. anyway. Here we are. And my ramblings have begun already.

I won't write about myself right now. If you want to know more, read the About Me stuff. I haven't even played around much so it's rather basic but should tell you what you need to know. And if not, well, comment me. I don't mind. And I don't bite either.

Randomess for the day?

I began my walk to Newcastle. Yes, I live in Sydney. After reading a very special lady's blog (she happens to be my mother, rofl) .. I saw her goal to trek Route 66. Virtually, you see. So I've decided to do mine step by step. First goal? To walk to Newcastle to visit my mate Jen, who I haven't seen anywhere near as much as I want to. 150kms. No problem! I hauled my ass to the treadmill and walked 3kms this morning in 30 minutes. Even ran for a while, finished it up with some light weights and stretches. How I wish I had the time and energy to do that every day.

So far, I think I've managed to walk from my house, to the next road. But it's a start. Go Aly!

I was sitting in the RTA office this morning waiting to take my full licence update test and was watching the ladies in there. It was early, 9am, so quite empty. These two workers were sitting next to each other, cappucino in hand, shopping catelogue handy and enjoying a nice chat. How good it must be to have a pointless non-thinking job where you can just sit on your behind for hours. Why the hell didn't I think of getting into a career at the RTA? They're never friendly, no smiling is required and they're behind a glass shield so .. if anyone decided to get narky about .. hmm, let's say the cost of upgrading their licence for instance, they're protected. Damn. I'm in the wrong industry.

I am officially in love with my new Ipod. Oh yes, and I'm starting Weight Watchers today again too. All these milestones and it's a Friday - the last Friday of my holidays. Why do I always decide to do the lifechanging stuff at the END of my breaks? I'll leave this here for now. My shower is calling me.

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grungedandy said...

He he I’m back tracking, so I can pretend I’ve known you for ages, you sound so sweet! (Not that your not know)
Did you ever manage to do that route 66?


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