An Unlikely Sports Fan

When you look at me, my interests, or even talk to me, probably the first thing you would realise is that I'm not a big sportsman. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be - but being unfit and lazy and much more computer-prone than most, it just doesn't ever seem to happen.

But. I'm actually quite a big footy supporter. Not this AFL bullshit. Not the insane American football. But Rugby. Also not English Rugby, which sort of confuses me when I watch it (maybe since I have no idea who any of the players are). No, I mean good old fashioned NRL. Australian.

Looking back, my dad always used to have work mates come over to watch the football games. I remember being like, 8 or 9? And going to party after party on the weekend where the kids would run around like maniacs in the backyard while the adults all watched the footy. Then I remember being about 11 and deciding I wanted to watch it too, so watching it having no clue what was going on, and why were all these men in short shorts tackling each other anyway?

I went off it for a while. I think every girl goes off football between the ages of 13 and 16. Then I decided to actually learn the rules for myself, so I would enjoy it more. And then it started. It stopped again, big time. And then.. about when I met Jason, I had just started watching it again. And now, because Jason is a typical male who enjoys footy as well, I've been sucked back into the games. I'm also a paying footy tipper, who was coming first in the comp. Okay, I was coming first for like, 1 week, before it all went pear-shaped.

My team is the Penrith Panthers. They're local and I'm big on local teams, and they aren't snobs or pretty boys like some of the other rugby teams. (Listen to me, as if I know them personally, or something). My favourite players are Luke Rooney (because he's tall, really quite cute despite that shocking picture and just, fabulous), Craig Gower (because he was the captain for ages and is a gentleman and very professional, despite the recent drunken groping scandal that got his captaincy taken away from him) and Tony Puletua (because he's like a teddy bear and he's doing awesome as a new captain).

So, I love my football. But I DO NOT LOVE watching my team start to suck lately. They began this season with a bang, and have now begun to .. well, suck again, like last year. Last game was on Friday night where they lost 12-40 to a snobby inner city side (bleh). But I also found out they were missing all three of my top blokes, so maybe that led to their smashing. All I know is that I am a happier chickadee when my team is winning, and when I am not being annihilated in my footy tipping competition. Why? Because I have a competitive streak in me that I never knew existed. Crazy, eh?

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