Feeling Loved

So, not from J. He still has not talked to me since the walk-out.

But from all of you amazing people who commented on my last blog. I can't believe you guys actually found it, but I'm glad you did. If you have a link to your blog/journal that you'd like me to put up on mine, let me know. I'd like to get a list of sites to check everyday. That would be fabulous.

I walked another 2.4kms today. Have had this evil flu/cough for the last 9 days, and makes it hard to breathe in the morning. Yesterday I was fine but this morning.. yeah, it wasn't good. So I just walked for 30 minutes and cut my running out. Not bad. My legs are feeling it. I feel good after the 30 minutes is up. I just hope I'll have time to keep doing it when school starts back up on Monday.

So what does one do when one is not quite sure what their partner is thinking? After the disappointment debarcle on my Graduation Day, I sent him an IM and a text message - and heard nothing back. Then I heard nothing all of yesterday (Friday). And now it's Saturday. Did he break up with me, and I just didn't realise it? Am I supposed to be the one chasing him around? Is it MY job to do that? I have no idea. All I know is that I miss him. And I'm wasting my last weekend of holidays without him around to spend it with. And, that sucks.

So today I get the job of doing preparation for 1/2S (my lovely class) because I have abandoned the idea of doing school work in my two weeks off. I've got to prepare their Term 2 Maths timetable, COGS timetable, PDHPE timetable anddddd English study timetable. At the moment, all that's complete is their Spelling and Handwriting. I feel very unorganised but at the same time, I'm not fussed. Maybe I'll spend one big late night next week after school goes back doing it all. It's holidays, after all! Working shouldn't go on through holidays (even if I did get paid for them.. one of the benefits of being a Primary School Teacher).

I thought I had a rant ready to go today but I seem to have forgotten it. In which case, I will sign off now and come back later in the hope that I will remember it.

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