Well, it's not all Kaput.

I am feeling much better, thanks. Actually, I'm feeling 100% better.

I won't go into details but I am relieved now. I'm not hated or ditched, I don't think. And I am seeing my favourite person tonight for dinner. I am even going to cook a special soup in celebration, for said dinner. Hoorah! It's even a "hearty" soup, for I am feeling very hearty myself. Ho-ho-ho.

I have decided I am in love with Michael Buble. Yes, I realise I've discovered him about ten years later than everyone else but oh man. His rendition of "The Way You Look tonight".. phew. =) If I ever get married, that must be on my soppy wedding playlist. It's lovely! Perhaps the day will come when someone will sing me that song. -sigh-

So is it just me, or am I the only person who bawls while reading books? I have always adored reading and have grabbed a book whenever I have the chance. But lately, it's like everything I read always sends me to tears. The most recent one was me re-reading The Bronze Horseman - I bawled the first time, but I thought I'd sort of be less emotional the second time, but no. I was left snivelling into my tissues and moping after I finished it again yesterday afternoon. May have been because I was a moping  loser yesterday ANYWAY, or because I am expecting a certain visitor sometime next week, but it was rather emotional.

I would love to be a writer. I would love to be a writer as my career. How does one become a writer?

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