A Five Post Stampede.

In the spirit of today's post, let me give you five reasons why I'm resorting to a meme today instead of something witty & fun:

#It's grey.
#It's raining.
#I'm sick.
#I'm lazy.
#I was tagged by a new blogger: thanks, Lightening.

Here's how this one works: I'd not seen it before, which is unusual! In short, you simply choose an already-published blog post to fit into each of the five categories, and then spread the love around.

Sometimes family can drive you insane. But I'm not bitter.. or am I?:
A Loony Rant

It's rare to find people who you know will always be there for you, even if you don't see them very often. I think myself pretty lucky to have a few people like that, though this post speaks of just one of them:

I think that the post which tells the most about me would have to be my classic 100 things list. I'll have to remember to update it again in the new year:
It's All About Me

Where do you start when you're talking about the person that you love? Jason and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary (how appropriate!) from different sides of the world this year, but that doesn't change the fact that I adore him more than anyone else on the planet. If you're feeling sappy, stick around and watch the slideshow:
This Year's Love

Hrm. I'm still a big dork, so I guess this post would be fitting:
Confessions of a 20-Something Dork

So there you have it, a nice handful of posts that you may or may not have already ready about me. You might know how I feel about tagging - so if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. :)

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archi's mum said...

speaking of insanity in families... my favorite line from arsenic and old lace was Cary Grant's: "Insanity runs in my family... it practically gallops!"

Fiona said...

I would, but I don't have enough old posts anyway! :) next time?

Kat said...

That was a fun meme. Get well soon.

rye said...

Sorry you're sick. It's rainy in this part of the world today, too. Bah!

Virginia said...

That is a fun meme! I might have to do one myself this weekend when we're snowed in (3-5 inches on Saturday!!). Hope you feel better!

Kristabella said...

That's an interesting one. I'll have to keep that in mind for my uncreative days, which is everyday lately.

She Likes Purple said...

This is great. I think I'll do this today.

Larissa said...

If it's a day of grey, rain, sick, and lazy, you are officially allowed to post anything you want. Feel better soon!

Laurel said...

That's cool! I love that post about you and Jason!!

Lisa said...

Okay, I'm probably too emotional right now but I teared up watching your video. What you guys have, it's beautiful. And I'm insanely happy that you're gonna be together again. You belong together. Feel better soon!

Katie said...

Now that is a good meme! I've never seen that one before. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

katelin said...

Aw this is a cute meme, I like it.

kerrianne said...

I have not seen this before either (i-there!). Awesome.

Chris and I had to do a country sized distance for the first year and a half. It was unreal, and sometimes I can't even see how we did it, but I know we are stronger for it, and I'm thankful for each moment. I sent cards every week and we talked for hours every night. I loved that part.

(Loves and chicken soup.)

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