Oh! The Things We Could Do!

Thanks for all of your advice on the job post: as most people guessed, I'm leaning towards not accepting the job due to the pay & transport time. I felt so awkward emailing the agency, even though I'm within my rights to turn it down - I'm not used to saying 'no' to people. Anyway, I tried to be polite in my email and explain the reasons why I wasn't keen on the position, so we'll see what sort of a reply I get back.

In the meantime, I've made a bit of a list of things I want to venture out and experience before I start working. Jason will most likely be dragged along with me (willingly or not) to all of these adventures, but I'm sure he doesn't have a choice won't mind.

The Winter Wonderland Festival.
It's in Hyde Park, and is all done up with holiday festivities: an outdoor skating rink, ferris wheel, carnival rides, fairy lights. I know it'll be after Christmas, but SQUEE!

You all know Stonehenge. I missed out on seeing it the last time I was in England, and don't intend to miss out this time around. (I love piles of rocks.)

Jack the Ripper & Ghost Tour Walks.
I'm intrigued. I like walks. I like scaring myself silly. And at least I'll have someone to cuddle when I'm scared.

Plus spending as much quality time as I can with the boy while he's off work, if all goes well. I still can't believe we'll be in London for New Years Eve. How incredible is that?

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Julz said...

OH OH OH!! *puts hand up in air* I'll do the winter wonderland thingy with you if Jase won't :D

The Jack The Ripper & Ghost walk thingy sounds interesting. I'd be scared out of my pants, but still, it sounds like fun...kinda hahaha ^_^

Maya said...

I canNOT wait to hear from you- Scott and I miss England (London, esp) SO MUCH! We talk about going back but just haven't yet. Any rate:

I heart:
-Victoria & Albert Museum (nerdy but AMAZING)
-Tate Modern Gallery (they just got some new stuff from that guy who put a whole cow in a block of resiny stuff! Cool!)

Burleigh House (part of one of the Keira Knightley movies was filmed there, it's beayouuutiful - worth the trip a bit out to the country.
The Crown Jewels. The ultimate....bling, for lack of a better word.

kirby said...

That winter wonderland thing sounds like fun. So does Stonehenge. I'd love to see that one day.
And I've been creeped out by that Jack the Ripper thing since I was in year 4 at school...
So .. maybe I'd wipe that one off my list.

Kat said...

Decisions, decisions. You're not by any chance a libra? I do recognize some of myself in this. Anyway. You're right to turn the job down and look around once you're there. I am sure every school would be lucky to have you there.

It must be exciting to look forward to so many new things but most of all you must be looking forward to seeing your boyfriend again. You lucky gal.

alan said...

Thought you might like to see the standard reply I send to email visitors to my website when they need bookings etc. My site is independent of the keepers. Thanks for using the link. Lots of love, Alan
Hello , you need to contact English Heritage, www.english-heritage.org.uk/stonehenge, the custodians of the site.
For special access to the Stones, go to: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/server/show/nav.878
The Avebury complex is a must on your itinerary and only a short journey, north, from Stonehenge. There is free, open access to the whole of this huge site. Go to http://www.stonehenge.co.uk/avebury.htm for more information.
There is a "Visitors Forum" on http://www.stonehenge.co.uk/ to record your visit or any other comments. Please e-mail visitorsforum@stonehenge.co.uk if you would like to do this.
Have a good trip. Kind regards, Alan

Candy said...

I think you made the right choice. If you can afford to be selective, you should be.

And can I just say, the site is BEEE-AH-UTIFUL today!

Miss A said...

well if you're gonna see a pile of rocks then thems the ones to see!

(I saw 'em and it was pretty cool)

michelle and the city said...

yay for being in london for the new year! i'm sure you guys will have a blast :)

p.s. - loving the new layout!

Lia said...

Never done Stonhenge, but I think I did that Jack the Ripper tour once.

Also - I missed the debate, but I think you made the right choice with the job. Long commutes are killer. You'll find something better.

cady said...

those all sound so cool! i've always wanted to go to stonehenge, so i'm jealous! ;)

Kristabella said...

They all sound like fun! Especially the Jack the Ripper tour!

This is SO exciting for you! I can't believe it is here already!

rye said...

Sounds like you'll be having a lot of fun while job hunting! I definitely think you made a good decision regarding the other job - commuting that far for technically lesser pay would have gotten old REALLY fast.

heidikins said...

So exciting! I can't wait for all your adventures! And you'll do great on the job thing, the right one will come along!

Love you girly!

natalie said...

I want to go on the Jack the Ripper tour! I want to go!

Laurel said...

Teehee, you followed the advice I posted on your last post, like, 10 seconds ago! I think it was a great choice.

Katie said...

Oooh, your new design is beautiful! And good for you doing what feels right about the job. It's so imporant to be happy with all aspects of your job...people, commute, pay, etc...

Noelle said...

Holy crap, I love this layout. I'm now going to actually read the post.

Noelle said...

Oh, and when you go to Stonehenge, I highly recommend a trip to Avebury as well, or at least the pub at Avebury where I had the best cider I've ever had in my life. Which also had a lot to do with the fact that I was only 20 years old and legally drinking in public for the first time in my life. Either way, it was a very cool place, and the stone circle is pretty damn impressive.

Lisa said...

You have the loveliest blog layouts. Also, I have the same problem regarding saying no to people. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Marriage-101 said...

"I love piles of rocks."

I laughed out loud. Ha!

katelin said...

Ooooh the Jack the Ripper tour sounds scary and creepy and I would probably want to do it too, haha.

She Likes Purple said...

You're going to have such fun! Stonehenge!

Ugh, why can't I win the lottery ;)

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