There's Another Type of List?


Well, that was a nice little distraction, wasn't it?

Someone please remind me that posting whilst tipsy seems like fun at the time, but Aly + wine DOES NOT = comprehensible posting.

To decipher the post for those of you who do not speak/read drunk, I ended up at Kirby's house last night, where we had a chick flick session. Mean Girls, Bridget Jones & Edge of Reason. (Granted though, we mainly wanted to see the part with her in Thailand, sort of skimmed the rest.) We were going to watch Knocked Up as well, but ran out of time and/or energy.

I really do find Hugh Grant strangely attractive, though.

Which brings me to a question: apparently, there is some sort of a list that couples make up with five somewhat famous names on it. And if for some chance reason you were to meet those people and should the occasion arise, you're 'allowed' to go out on a date with them. How did I never hear of this before? Can someone please explain this concept to me?

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michelle and the city said...

no silly girl not allowed to date them. allowed to BED them. no consequences. and the lists are supposed to be so unrealistic that it will never actually happen. it's just for the fun of thinking it could ;)

natalie said...

I don't know how you've never heard of it, but my friend totally shocked me by telling me that her husbands choice was Minnie Driver. Ugh!

Kristabella said...

Do they not have the TV Show Friends in Australia? That's where it stems from, at least for me.

janet said...

your last post was v cute, makes me love ya even more :)

Yes, I do believe there are such lists, and perhaps my husband has a long one (oops!) good thing it's all fantasy, no reality!

ashley said...

ooohhh, that's TOTALLY from the TV show friends!!! (which, by the way, i can't imagine you don't have in aussie land). i've never actually heard of people doing it in real life.

Nathan Pralle said...

Right, like Michelle said, you're allowed to each make a list and, if you ever get the chance to have sex with them, it's a "freebie" -- no consequences from your spouse/SO. Likewise the other way -- if they get a chance with someone on their list, it's also a freebie for them.

The rules are pretty much that it has be celebrities and/or someone you wouldn't ever run into on a regular basis; no fair putting on your neighbor or coworker. Also, the rules state that you can't suddenly change your list to make circumstances. Say you were suddenly invited to have dinner with Russel Crowe and you didn't have him on your list, you couldn't add him at the time.

Some couples are absolutely serious about their lists, but mostly it's just a goof, one of those "what if" moments in your relationship; plus, it gives interesting insight into what your SO finds attractive in a celebrity. My list? Julia Stiles, Miranda Otto, Gwenyth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, and Christina Ricci (but only after she had brushed, because she smokes...ugh).

Kristie said...

What they said!

~Kathryn~ said...

i heard it was called a 'laminate' list - and you could have three people on it ....but they had to be celebrities and it basically meant if you had the opportunity you could 'go for it' with no questions asked by your partner !!!

Audrey said...

Hugh Grant is hot. Nothing strange about it.

kirby said...

I forgot all about the talking about the list.
Do remember the Britney Dancing though.

ANYWHOO... yep. Basically it's a list of a number of celebrities that, should you come across them, you can sleep with without question.
Basically what you're mum said.
I'm not in a relationship though, so I can sleep with whichever celebrities I like.

Amanda said...

a friend episode explained this phenomenon to me. Ross picked Susan Sarandon.

The Mouse said...

Call it the Fab Five Shag List, if you will. If you ever chance to meet on of your Fab Five (and they have to be A-list famous) and are duly propositioned, then you may have a guilt-free shag with them! ;)

G' your list, Aly! We wanna know! My list?

Derek Hough (
Jonathan Rhys Meyes (have adored him since Bend it Like Beckham)
Sean Astin
Kyle Chandler
David James Elliott (Harm on JAG)

The Hubby has a list, too, but his girls are all redheads or blondes. Funny, since I'm a brunette. Maybe I should have my hair done red and see what kind of reaction I get? LOL!

Kelly said...

Yes, those lists! We don't have them, like, written out... and I don't really think that we'd EVER actually do it if the opportunity presented itself. But it's fun to dream. LOL!

heidikins said...

Hm, list away, as long as you and Jase are both ok with the making of the list. ;o)

There's a professional basketball player in SLC who has an agreement with his wife: once a year he gets to sleep with anyone he wants. Apparently this is supposed to make him less likely to wander while he's on the road with the team. Or something. Whatever, I think it's lame.


She Likes Purple said...

We have freebie lists! On mine: Milo Ventimiglia, Jennifer Aniston, James McAvoy and I just added the guy in Catch & Release. There's more but I'm oddly drawing a blank.

Marriage-101 said...

Looks like some people clued you into the "Friends" connection. That's where I heard of it.

Raven said...

In the ep on friends Ross was so serious about his list that he laminated it and just after he had, he ran into someone that had been on his list, that he had removed due to her location being international: Isabella Rossellini. It was actually rather funny.

I think I know the topic of today's blog!

Jane G. said...

Is this from Friends, or from Seinfield? I cant remember...

I know Justin Timberlake would be in the top of my list :)

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