Never Have I Ever...

A few days ago, Michelle started a wee game on her blog: and being the good sheep that I am, I'm jumping on the bandwagon - albeit a few days late.

After reading my answers, your job is to:

1.) Claim one of my "nevers" that you have done.
2.) Answer it yourself: Never have you ever ____?

Go on, give it a shot. Let's be nosy!

Never have I ever:

  • Gone skinnydipping. And I never will. Not pretty for anyone involved.

  • Drank beer and liked it. Taking a sip and turning up my nose doesn't really count as drinking it and enjoying it. Surely I should work on this, living in England?

  • Had a facial, manicure or pedicure. I'd love to, though.

  • Watched a Star Wars movie. When I was younger, my parents took me to see one of the movies at the drive-in. I snored the entire way through it.

  • Had Jason comment on my blog without me nagging him. Hint, hint.

  • Been out for an entire night. I'm secretly a grandma in disguise.

  • Made a perfect pancake. We attempted this today. We failed. Miserably.

  • Gone house hunting. I was kind of sad that I missed out on choosing a rental place in London, but because Jason did such a wonderful job on our place, I forgive him.

  • Been engaged/married. But a girl can dream, right?

  • Committed a crime. Am innocent!

  • Gotten a tattoo. I don't particularly like a lot of tattoos, but if I were to ever get one I know what it would be. As for where it would go? I'll never tell!

  • Been quite so nervous about taking a job. I know it will be fine, but damn, I'm terrified. I did the journey today, and it's a long one ... wish me luck!

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Raven said...

I have done most the things on your list. LOL.

Apparently I am a tattoo'd married home-owning nerdy non-grandma!

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Well, technically, if getting a ticket for speeding is "committing a crime," the only one on the list I haven't done is get a tattoo!! :)

(And, I just noticed that the 'Jason commenting on my blog' one was added between the time I read this on GoogleReader and then read it on your site! I'm not counting that one.) ;)

Jason said...

"Gotten a tattoo" is the only one I haven't done. But I also don't think I am the Jason you are hoping for :-)

natalie said...

Never have I ever skinny dipped either. And it won't be happening anytime soon, I can assure you.

Heather (in Scotland) said...

Good luck for tomorrow, Alynda!

Nathan Pralle said...

* Gone skinnydipping. And I never will. Not pretty for anyone involved. -- Why do I find this hard to believe? I think there's a good lot of us that'd go skinny dipping with you any day! :) *ducks from Jason*

* Drank beer and liked it. Taking a sip and turning up my nose doesn’t really count as drinking it and enjoying it. Surely I should work on this, living in England? -- Yes, yes you should. You are in Europe, land of great beer. Try a bunch, even if you don't mung out on them, because it's great beer. Then again, I come from America, where beer is like making love in a canoe.

* Gotten a tattoo. -- I could never do this, I don't think, because I think of what I was like 10 years ago and I would have chosen a waaaay different tattoo, so I can't pick something and hope I'll still like it later.

* Been quite so nervous about taking a job. -- Lots of luck -- you'll be great!

Teacher A said...

I've done pretty much all of those (with the exception of the commenting one). I've only gone skinny dipping once, but having grown up across from a public pool, I decided I needed to do that right before I headed off to college. It's a little creepy doing that all by yourself.

grungedandy said...

Sunday service is always longer than the weekdays so it should be a little faster on monday! you'll be fine, just show no fear! good luck! seeya hugya *G*

Kristabella said...

I've done most on your list. I'm a beer snob. You need to just keep drinking it until you get used to it. It is an acquired taste.

I have never gone bungee jumping. And have no desire to.

janet said...

Aly! When you come to DC I am taking you out for a manicure and a beer. Have you tried wheat beer or white beer? They are SO much better than regular beer. I like mine with lemons, limes, or oranges in them.

Jess said...

I've done a bunch of the things on your list. I'll stick with the obvious, being engaged.

Like you, never have I ever enjoyed beer.

You'll be great at your job. Good luck!

Katie said...

I have gone house hunting and let me tell you, you are not missing out on much! It gets frustrating after a while when you can't find anything you like that's in your price range!

As for me, never have I ever done any illegal drug. I was a scholarship athlete in college and had random drug tests all the time so there was no way I was going to lose my scholarship over some weed!

kirby said...

I have never drank beer and liked it. But truth be told I could agree with everything on your list except the house hunting thing. Done that.
It's depressing.
Just re-read it. I have been out for an entire night, so that's another that I've done.
It's tiring.

Amber said...

I've never done the skinnydipping, tatoo or pancakes. (Actually, I've never made ANY kind of food successfully, but I'm depressing myself just thinking of that, so moving on...), but have done everything else - assuming that speeding tickets count as a "crime", which I guess they do. Oops.

You will be absolutely fine with the new job :)

Candy said...

I have to admit to a brief stint as a shoplifter. Until I got caught. But that's a post for another day.

I have never had a vaginal orgasm. How's that for sharing.

La said...

You simply MUST get to a spa, like, stat. I had my first pedicure a couple weeks ago, and now I am HOOKED. Hooked, I tell you!


Virginia Gal said...

Sending good thoughts your way that the first day was better than your expectations!

As for your list...hmmm I seem to have not done more than I have done. I guess that makes me a loser grandma.
-skinnydipping: nope
-beer: only in certain situations will I prefer beer to wine or the hard stuff. But I am picky about what beers I will drink even in those situations.
-facial/mani/pedi: yes, yes, & yes.
-star wars: hard not to when your suite mate is writing a college term paper on the epic nature of the trilogy!
-Jason's comment: well if I insert my DH for Jason, he doesn't know my link, so no he doesn't comment (which is A-Ok with me!)
-out all night: does coming in at 5:30am count?
-perfect pancake: I'm more concerned with the perfect chocolate chip waffle
-house hunting: several can get quite tedious to keep being shown things either out of budget or so hellacious they should just be torched and have done with.
-engaged/married: yes and yes (1x each)
-committed a crime: only if a speeding ticket counts
-tattoo: with my fear of needles...oh yeah like that's going to happen
-nervous about a job?: yes, and the night before I'd dream that I was driving the actual route to work and run off the road and crash, every time! But the next AM I'd drive in without issues and the first day would be fine.

Chiada said...

I have had a facial, a manicure, and a pedicure, and I'd have to say that of all 3 of those? The facial is the best. Ahhh, it's so relaxing to lie there in a dimly lit room, the sound of running water nearby, and peaceful nature sounds coming from the CD player while someone gently massages my face and applies various potions and tonics. I could fall asleep while having a good facial; much more relaxing than a full body massage which can be somewhat painful at times.

I have never: seen the Grand Canyon; been to New York City; skydived; bunjee jumped; been pierced in places other than my ears; been tattooed; seen Silence of the Lambs; smoked a cigarette or anything else for that matter; passed out from drinking too much; been in a hot air balloon.

Some of these "nevers" I would actually like to do. Some, though, I still never would do.

Leslie said...

Ooooo, I SO need to do this on my blog soon. Stumbled across this blog today:
Looks sort of interesting.

michelle and the city said...

never had a manicure! that is a sin, woman! ;)

i've done that obviously, gone skinnydipping, and been out for an entire night.

and you've read my nevers already ;)

katelin said...

Well I have been skinnydipping (it was spring break!) and I can't live without a pedicure...I love them!!

And for my never, never have I ever read any of the Harry Potter books.

Lia said...

I've had a manicure, watched Star Wars movies, and I've drank beer and not minded. I don't know if "liked" is really accurate, but I didn't dislike it.
There are so many things I've never done that I wouldn't even know what to list.

Virginia said...

I hate beer too!! I can drink hard cider, but does that really count? If you ever come to Ohio, let me know. I have lots of wine!

Marriage-101 said...

I've had a mani and pedi (for the first time, right before i got married) but I have never had a facial or a professional massage.

Christar said...

I have done a few of those, but the one I want to mention is been out all night, and I don't mean been UP all night, I mean OUT all night. Yep, I sure have. It was when my now boyfriend of 3 years was my best friend (ya know, before we started dating) and we went out all night. We went to a downtown park, and walked around, then went back to our friends house, played guitar, and mainly just talked. It was awesome and I'll never ever forget it. Especially since we were out all night, my boyfriend didn't even get to sleep. He just went straight to work, after coming from work the night before with ZERO sleep. But I still love to think about it. :)

radyo dinle said...

I’ve had a mani and pedi (for the first time, right before i got married) but I have never had a facial or a professional massage

güzel sözler said...

i’ve done that obviously, gone skinnydipping, and been out for an entire night.

and you’ve read my nevers already

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