All Things Seem Possible In May

May is going to be fabulous, oh yes it is!

I mean really, any month that starts and ends with a long weekend is good in my books. The UK seems to fall short of public holidays compared to home in Australia BUT May makes up for it slightly.

So what's happening this month then? I will be...

Finishing up at work.
Re-joining my gym, in preparation for the months ahead.
Completing the Sookie Stackhouse books ready for the new novel.
Celebrating the boy's 28th birthday.
Trying to avoid going mental with the joy of wedding planning - considering there are still 404 days to go. (!)
Getting on top of this little apartment's ever growing laundry pile.
Attending a work pub quiz and hoping not to come last.

There are quite a lot of things I have in the pipeline to blog about - I'm excited about actually having some content this time around.

I also have quite a lot of wedding ideas floating around my head, even though it's very early on - I sort of feel like I should be writing them down somewhere, else I'll end up forgetting them in the same time it takes to complete this sentence. See? They're gone.

London weather has been gorgeous lately; with the exception of this long weekend. It poured with rain all day on Saturday and Sunday, and the sun has typically just emerged now. I love a short week, so hoping I can stay busy and keep active at work this week to make the time go by quickly. If there's one thing that drives me insane, it's having nothing to do.

(At work, anyway. I can always deal with having nothing to do at home in the comfort of my pyjamas and slippers.)

Anything exciting going on in this month for you?

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Britt said...

Google Docs is my wedding idea life saver. I can log on and put ideas into docs so that I dont forget. :)
I have 900 million wedding things to do in May and then the craziness of travelling to other people's weddings starts in June. It's about to get mighty busy for me!

Kerri Anne said...

I am ridiculously excited for the 10th Sookie Stackhouse book. But you just reminded me that I need re-read the 9th!

Becky said...

Sounds like a busy (but fun!) month! I'm going to really try to saturate myself with books this month and appreciate the changing of the seasons.

K said...

May will be awesome.
Hopefully next week I'll be working and I can stop worrying about being broke. Heh.

Emilie said...

I feel the same way about wedding plans! There are so many floating around in my mind and I'm so afraid of losing them! Who cares if we are a year out...we only get to do this once! I have my graduation ceremony this it sad that I could care less about it? Too much wedding on the mind! :)

Fuzzy Cert said...

this month I will...
Well.. it's started with a return to dog rows and a nasty cough that seems to have appeared from nowhere. I will finally get the storage problem sorted out in my room, thanks to Ikea, and I hope to pay off another large chunker of our contiki trip.
Oh. I also bought a $30 pair of jeans that will fit inside boots. They also looked pretty hot with a pair of wedges. I'm glad May started with a fashion find. There was also a $20 off knits sale, so I bought a nice warm cardi too.

Anonymous said...

You're right, May is going to be great. I've got Alaska, a 5k, a cookout, a new deck, a blogger meeting and about 100 other awesome things on the schedule for this month and I'm THRILLED!

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