Two Completely Different Weekends

I am such an awesome fiance. This weekend, Jase is off with one of his groomsmen and another friend for a long weekend boys trip to Amsterdam. I was invited too, but declined because - well, it's a boy thing. We've both been to Amsterdam together previously, and I'll be visiting later this year too - so he's off roaming free with his friends. And besides, I've already had my solo vacation where I ditched Jase and headed to Sydney for a girls trip, so it's only fair that he gets a turn. We're a good couple like that.

So in the midst of all the partying and utter Amsterdam-ness that I'm sure is going on, he still manages to be the sweetest thing on the planet. I sent him a text this morning to make sure he was still alive after his first night there, and he replied with 'Currently in a diamond shop'. To that, I immediately wrote back saying something along the lines of 'Woohoo! What a great present, thanks!' - joking, of course. And what did he write back? 'Looking for wedding bands.' (He's a man of few text-words.)

Yes, my friends, the boy went looking for wedding-related jewelery on his boys trip. My heart, it melts.

I'm using this weekend to indulge in some much-needed ME time while he's away. I finally watched The Time Traveler's Wife (wah!) and I'm revisiting the first Sex and the City movie to get into the spirit of it all. I've spent some time with the boys from Supernatural. I've gone back to the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy.It's basically been a weekend chock full o'Denny. Love.
So in summary? We couldn't be having two more different weekends if we tried. And as much as I love wandering about that crazy Dutch city, I'm happy to be here on my own for now. Although, there are only so many conversations one can have with their cat. And the aforementioned cat wasn't particularly sympathetic when I managed to crash into the wall carrying laundry, and bent my thumbnail completely backwards. Need sympathy, pronto. And cupcakes. Please.

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend, whatever it is you're doing.

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Pretzel Thief said...

Sending oodles of sympathy your way for the bent thumbnail (ouuuuch!)...

And that sounds like an awesome weekend, and hope your boy enjoys his boys wknd, too.

Me, I'm...well, sick with a bloody cold, for what is, like, the THIRD DAMN TIME this year (::sniff::). Can't even properly enjoy the uber-kitsch that is this year's Eurovision. Drat!

I did, however, make a roast chicken with potatoes for the first time yesterday and MAN was it delish.

(I'd always shied away from tackling a whole chicken in the oven before, but in the end it wasn't that hard...I think before I was just paranoid about washing the chicken properly, and that it cook properly, so I always just...put off making it for the first time, heh heh.)

Becky said...

So sweet about Jase - that is awesome! Sounds like you're having a great weekend!

Britt said...

Ooh! Wedding bands! How exciting. :)

Supernatural is filmed in Vancouver and I know someone who works on the set. My interesting fact for the day.

Huge sympathy for the bent back finger nail. That seriously hurts! I can fed ex you some cake? It probably wouldn't taste great by the time it got to you!

Mrs. Higrens said...

My office chair rolled over toenail salutes your bent back thumbnail.

Sounds like you are having a most enjoyable weekend despite the above incident.

Jess said...

Both weekends sound lovely in their own way. Other than the thumbnail, of course. Ugh.

Jess said...
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Emily Jane said...

Oh YAY!! That's adorable :)

Please tell me you READ Time Traveller's Wife before the movie...??

LaLa said...

How sweet of J but.. ugh.. I just had a very vivid memory of a being in one of those diamond places in Amsterdam with a vile, vile, vile hangover.. must have been all that beer ;)

Thoughts on Time Travellers Wife? I actually hated it. Felt like a bloke watching it.. if that makes sense?

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