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It's supposedly Spring right now - though from walking around in Central London, you wouldn't know it. It has been COLD lately. And you know it's cold when I say that, because I tend to walk around in my own little temperate bubble. But just when I thought it was safe to put away the bigger coats and bring out the skirts, the weather snapped. Unpredictable, yes. That's what I love about living in the UK: you get the most random weather imaginable.

I'm having a battle at the moment - it's a battle with tights.

I hate them. Really, hate them. I get why they're necessary - because the thought of spending the entire winter wearing pants (I'm sorry, trousers - you'd think I'd have learned to say that by now...) is a little bit depressing. I just can't warm to tights. (Ha! Warm to them. I am so funny sometimes.)

Maybe it's my shape and size? I certainly don't have stick thin legs or a nice flat torso, so maybe that's why they're so uncomfortable? I've tried going up a size, but they still annoy me. I find I'm constantly hitching at them and noticing them all the time. And if they're thinner and more like stockings, they're either scratched or stretched after a few wears. And the thicker tights just feel like pants - and then I feel stupid wearing pants under a skirt or dress. I can't win.

I think it's because I don't buy in to the whole tunic top phase that's going around at the moment. If I pick something off the rack and can't clearly distinguish if it's meant to be a top or an insanely short dress, I can't do it. And don't even get me started on the whole 'jegging' craze that's hit the high street here. Kudos to you if you can pull it off, but I'm going to stick with my grandma persona and enjoy wearing my bootcuts, thanks.

Considering I'm not a fan of the warmer months, I'm going to enjoy this last batch of cooler weather. I guarantee you in about four weeks I'll be moaning about living in London in the summer, where air conditioning is in short supply and when public transport gets just that little bit more horrendous. So, enough from me; I'm off to enjoy walking around Chancery Lane/Fleet Street in my lunch break - IN MY PANTS.

(I still wish I could rock the tights though.)

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Britt said...

I can't figure out the tights thing either. I've tried and failed a few times. I just stick to pants now too. :)

Anonymous said...

Woah, don't wander around London in just your pants - I guarantee you'll get funny looks!

Sainsbury's do some nice tights. I've had a few pairs from there for a while. But I do only wear them on nights out...

Emilie said...

I can't wear tights...they make my torso area look even more jumbly than it already is!

It has been cold here this week too. I'm aching for the hot summer days (you can take all of the cold weather we normally get here!)

K said...

Jeggings - because skinny jeans just weren't skinny enough...
As for tights, I really really REALLY have to be in the mood for them, and I rarely am. It's easier to put a pair of pants on!

Fuzzy Cert said...

I'm trying to make the tights work for me this year. I think I did okay that day we went to the golf clubs and I couldn't wear my jeans?
Still. I did at one point last summer wear tights with a long shirt... which was very unlike me, and I'm sure I looked uncomfortable all day.
I don't like jeggings. Whoever invented those should be put in stocks for us to throw tomatoes at. But hey. I'll wear a pair of slim cut jeans if I can tuck them inside boots and keep the bottoms dry in the rain.

Anonymous said...

I can't rock the tights either. Maybe you have to be a size -2 in order for it work? I don't know. I wish I could rock it but it just never looks right on and never feel right either.

Jen said...

By tights, do you mean leggings? Tights to me are pantihose, and stockings are the knee high ones. Anyway, I wear leggings around the house, occasionally out of the house but only if my top covers my butt. They're really comfortable, but I still can't help but have flashbacks to being 10, when I last wore them.

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