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Today is my lovely fiance's birthday. I've been teasing him about how OLD he is getting for the past few days now. In truth, he's hardly old, and it's hardly something to tease him about but hey, I'll take what I can get!

As well as presenting the boy with a few token presents of a new electric shaver and some clothes, I got up early to make him breakfast this morning before he headed off to work. I also wrote out little mini cards in envelopes and scattered them around our apartment and he'll have to find them all when he gets home this evening. Unfortunately I started hiding them yesterday and he managed to discover half of them already - so I spent this morning giving them all new homes. The little scavenger hunt consists of twenty eight different reasons why he is awesome. (He really is, you know. Awesome.)

If he finds them all, he'll get a secret gift - another little present bundle that he doesn't know about yet. As well as that, I'm cooking him a nice dinner, complete with a soup starter and main course. Today also saw me putting on my baking hat and making a huge mess in our kitchen as I attempted to bake red velvet cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. Unfortunately, my red velvet cupcakes turned out kind of peach-coloured. As for the cream cheese frosting? I stirred it with a spoon with red food colouring left on it, so it changed colour - and since it had already started changing, I decided to make it red too. Except, you guessed it, it didn't turn red. It turned pink. Like, super pink. He'll be getting some pretty er, manly, cupcakes with candles on top.

Sigh. Well, at least I'm trying, right? And as long as they taste good...

I love birthdays! Even when they're not my own. And especially when they are celebrating someone as kind and sweet as my boy. I can't top the present Jase organised for me last year - the surprise birthday/engagement trip to Prague - but I can do my best to try and put a smile on his face.

So, happy 28th birthday old man, and may this next year bring you so much joy.

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Jess said...

Aww, how sweet! What a thoughtful way to celebrate his birthday. Happy birthday to Jason!

Mrs. Higrens said...

Happy Birthday to Jason!

You can be sure the cupcakes turned out better than the batch I made without the foil exteriors on the liners, and not in a muffin tin. They came out of the oven like a sheet cake. It wasn't pretty!

Charlotte said...

Just followed you over here from Licking the Wooden Spoon. What a cute blog! :)

That is very thoughtful indeed. Red velvet cupcakes sound DEEEE-LISH (and I love the bit about scattering notes around the apartment).

Nathan Pralle said...

Me? I hate birthdays; loathe them. Puts unnecessary attention on me for something that means almost jack now that I'm an adult. BUT -- it sounds like Jase got a great present in having all the attention lavished on him by you. Well done.

Kerri Anne said...

Happy! Day of Cake to your fella. I hope this year is the best yet.

Sailor July said...

Happy Birthday from Jen and I!

Everything you did for your guy sounds so sweet. :) I love the little envelope idea!

And the cupcakes sound yum!

Hope you both have a GREAT day and night!

Jacinta said...

So thoughtful and lots of fun Aly - and 28? It's the age to which I would return if I had such magical powers as time travel. It's a great age to be.
HBD to J.

Britt said...

What a great idea with your notes!! Happy birthday to Jason!!

K said...

Happy birthday Jase!

(Matt turns 30 next year... And I'll only be 23... So that's a good 6 years of teasing before I catch up!)

Fuzzy Cert said...

HAHAH I hope you took photos of the cupcakes! I want to see them!
Did he find them all!?!

Happy B'day J!!

steph anne said...

Aw what an awesome fiancee you are. :)

Emily Jane said...

Oh that's adorable!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jason!!

A word of warning - don't tease him too much because eventually you'll turn 28 too. I didn't realize this 3 years ago when I was giving my now husband flak for turning 26. And then, in March, I turned 26. He's got a memory like an elephant and used ALL the jokes I used on him years ago. :)

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