More Wishes

I wish I was with my family this Saturday for my birthday, I miss them so much around the holidays.

I wish I had an unlimited supply of cash to play with. Okay, not unlimited. That's greedy. Let me rephrase that: I wish I had a nice little kitty of cash that I could dip out of that would make sending Oscar home and trying to squeeze some more travel time for ourselves, that little bit easier and less heart-attack inducing.

I wish I could make the boy stop worrying about things that are out of his control. I hate seeing him worry.

I wish I didn't enjoy being a homebody as much as I do, because it's going to be all the more difficult when I start going back to work and into the daily grind again.

I wish that I could lose weight as quickly as I can put it on. I also wish that I had a little more patience because this is not something that's going to miraculously happen overnight; but that's easier said than done.

I wish I could wear belts without them making me look ridiculous.

I wish that people would write back to emails quickly instead of always leaving me waiting for their reply.

I wish we had more carrots in the fridge. I'm having a major obsession with them & lite philly cheese right now.

I wish I could use spreadsheets as well as I can use pieces of flyaway paper. Maybe then I wouldn't be literally surrounded by scribbles in notebooks and on drafts. Unfortunately, I suck at making them work.

I wish for a puppy, even though I know that can't happen for a while yet.

I wish more of my old blog friends were still actively posting, and I wish that this blog had as many hits as my old one used to. It doesn't mean much in the long haul, but in all honesty, I do miss the love sometimes.

What are you wishing for right now?

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Becky said...

Ohhh I wish I had some cash to dip into as well! Then maybe the mister and I could get out of this tiny apartment we live in! (Seriously. 684 square feet. For almost 3 years. Lovely).

And I wish I could lose weight as quickly as I put it on as well - right there with you!

If I'm wishing today it would be that I could be at home all the time blogging and doing freelance writing because that would be challenging and fun (two things which sometimes my job is not).

Allie said...

Oh my gosh! I can't wear belts either! I seriously don't understand why I can't, but they just look absurd.

P said...

Agreed on the cash and the weight wishes.

As for belts . . . I have this waist clincher one which makes my waist look tiny (no mean feat) but its side effect is to make my hips look twice their usual size. Perhaps that's sort of the point but it doesn't work for me.

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Great post!

I wish I didn't have this little roll around my tummy.

I wish I could go home and sleep.

I wish the husband could pass the bar exam so that he doesn't have to stress anymore.

Katelin said...

i so wish i could lose weight as easily as i put it on, oy. i also wish i would stop stressing over the little things, it's not really helping.

Britt said...

Happy birthday (on Saturday!) :)

I'd wish for the cash too, but I don't wish to change my homebody status. I'm a happy homebody :)

Lara said...

A magical ability to eat as much cake as I want and never gain weight. Also this one hot pair of boots from Nordstrom. Yep, cake and boots. I'm a simple girl at heart.

Jewls said...

sending some love!

The Girl said...

I know what you mean re the blog hits. My old one, amazed me that so many people read and commented. Now, not so much. But I don't mind, I gather that the people who really love what I write are still there :D

Hugs xx

Happy birthday for tomorrow xx And I also know what you mean re your family xx

Fuzzy Cert said...

I wish I hadn't figured out a way to make jeggings look like actual jeans and not at all like leggings.
I also wish they weren't a bazillion times more comfortable than actual skinny jeans.
I wish I could hate jeggings with the rest of the well-dressed world, but alas... I cannot hate them.

Now seriously.
I wish for a break.

Amanda said...

I wish I could lose weight as fast as I can put it on, too.

I wish I had the time to devote to my blog (and that my old following would magically reappear, nearly 2 years after I stopped blogging with any regularity, and embrace my new direction).

I wish I lived in Australia so I could start my business (only I *don't* want to live in Australia again yet... double edged sword, urgh.

I wish my job was more fun.

I wish I had more friends in London.

Wow... I didn't know I had so many wishes!

Emily Jane said...

Oh don't worry - I can't use spreadsheets either! And I'm so with you on "I wish that people would write back to emails quickly instead of always leaving me waiting for their reply" - I sometimes have to tell myself to calm down and stop panicking, nothing's WRONG, the rest of the world just doesn't live online like I do :)

Jaded said...

Good post.... I wish a lot of those things as well. lol. Mostly the homebody thing and the money thing. lol!

heidikins said...

Hang in there honey!

Also? I wish for a pony. A mini cooper. A suitable boyfriend. And/or a vacation.


Marianne said...

I'm with you girls and the belt thing too... I just hate them.

I think you're fabulous, Aly. Just wanted you to know that.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I wish that we had a bit more money so that we could take a small vacation in January. Our honeymoon in Africa was awesome, but I am itching for another trip!

Hilary said...

I wish people didn’t return my emails with OK’s and thanks…. I have too many to read thru at work, and these make me crazy.

I wish I had more time in the day to accomplish everything I need to, so then I can get to what I want to.

I wish summer would slow down… it goes by too fast.

I wish I knew how to get more blog hits and comments. I am just starting out, and comments make me so happy.

Finally, I wish I could disconnect for just a little bit. It sounds good in theory, but this week when my Blackberry stopped working, man, was I stressed!

terra said...

I wish the weekend would go on for another few days so I can get my house in order.

I wish the dogs would stop shedding over everything.

I wish all days could be as nice and cool as today has been.

And I wish there was more chocolate in the house.

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