On Birthdays & Pretty Things

I love, love, love birthdays. I love working out what gifts to buy people, I love nice cards, I love going out for special dinners, and I love it even more when the birthday is my own. Some people dislike birthdays (why!?!) but I love the celebration that comes along with them. To be honest, I would be content with a non-present this birthday. I got the best gift of all last year, we're going to be moving home in six months so really don't want/need anything bulky that we can't take home with us, and I'm perfectly content with everything I have right now.

But, of course, I can always find a few things to swoon about. And since the boy always gets nervous with gifts - though I'm not sure why, since he always does a great job - I thought I'd put together a list of goodies that give me warm and fuzzies, as inspiration! (It's not my birthday until July 31st, maybe it will help him with time to spare?)

1. I have to be specific on this first one, but I'm desperately on the lookout for AMERICAN iTunes giftcards. I want to stock up on some television episodes (will you judge me if I tell you it's for Bridezillas?) and I can't access them through the UK store. Sadly I can't buy a US giftcard for myself, since I have no US credit details/address. Help? I can Paypal you! A big thankyou shout-out to the lovely VBG who has already helped me out with one. 
2. My bronze/brown Havaiana thongs are getting a bit worn down - I suppose trekking across the United States in Summer, as well as two English summers after that will do that to them! I think this classic black top pair will replace them nicely! (My stompers require a Size 8/9.)
3. I've linked to this little beauty before and I'm still lusting over it. Simple and perfect.
Epic Wish: This is my 'I'm dreaming' present option. I'm going to Europe at the end of the year, and imagine the shots I could capture with this baby! Oh, and Jase? It'd be your camera too. I'd share. Promise.
Have I mentioned how much I love birthdays? 
What are you lusting over right now?

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Emily Jane said...

A good camera is on my "dream" list as well!! :) I can help with the giftcard, if it'd work if I did it from Canada (not sure?). Right now I am lusting over box sets of Doctor Who and Life on Mars - why do they have to be $90 a set??

Britt said...

I'm a huge birthday lover too. And I love love love my canon rebel :)

steph anne said...

Let's hope you get your camera!!! :) I'm hoping I'll get one for my Birthday or Christmas in December. I doubt it though but hey, it's nice to dream!

Fuzzy Cert said...

That exact camera, actually. It's the one I use at work to take the photos for the adoption animals... I pretty much love it.

You know I'm still getting you something, yes?

Erin said...

Ohhhh, I hope you get your camera! I love my Canon.

Becky said...

Oh birthdays are so much fun! I am totally lusting over that camera as well! My in-laws have a Canon Rebel EOS and they've let us borrow it for a couple weeks and I am so in LOVE with it, it's not even funny!

P said...

It's going to sound weird, but since I randomly saw an infomercial for it yesterday morning I have been lusting after a Malibu Pilates workout chair thing. It looks fantastic, although it costs 150 pounds. Sob.

Megan said...

I finally purchased my dream camera at the beginning of the year, and it was worth it!

I adore that necklace. :D

Right now, I'd love for someone to pay my bills for one month. Hey, a girl can dream, right?! Haha.

Nathan Pralle said...

I hate birthdays...HATE them. I hate asking for gifts, I hate getting them, I hate anyone noticing. My birthdays are always depressing, horrible days of crap. I'd be ok if nobody ever paid attention to them again, frankly.

And everyone knows that Nikon is the only way to go. ;)

The Girl said...

I love number three! Love love love love love!

How old do you turn? Is it totally just a day a part?

I would love a DSLR or whatever they are called {I don't know cameras but I want/need one!} hehe.

Anonymous said...

I just got my first pair of Havaianas and absolutely love them. And getting a good camera will totally change your life - I really hope you get it!

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