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A couple of weeks have passed since I last updated you on my health progress, so I thought I'd touch base on that now and share a new venture that I'm trying out. As you probably remember, I was complaining quite a bit about how my sensible diet and five days per week of exercise weren't making a shred of difference to my weight and/or size - but I stuck it out and kept going, thinking that things would balance out eventually.

It's now July.
 Things are still not balancing. {Insert stomping and general whinging here.}

This is usually around the time that I start getting irritated and am tempted to throw in the towel. 'If things aren't changing now when I'm being strict, I may as well go back to what I was doing before'.. you know, that sort of thinking. But 
NO, I refuse to be run over by the bandwagon just yet. I'm hanging on, even if it is just by my fingertips. I'm trying to keep making good choices (like the salad I had while out for lunch yesterday with a friend.. go Aly, go!) and force myself to keep moving. My gym motivation is wearing down, but luckily I have those classes to keep me going. And there's always the Wii Fit at home if I am truly not fussed.

I wish I could figure out what it is that's making this progress so difficult this time around. I automatically want to point fingers at my PCOS diagnosis because all my research & doctor visits have told me that it'll be more difficult with my insulin levels all over the place, but I just don't want to throw all the eggs in that blame-basket and find out it's something else entirely. What I'm focusing on and trying to remember is the main reason why I am working so hard at this: it's for me - my health, my weight, my fertility and of course, my wedding shape. So I'm pulling out all the stops while I can, and I'm trying something different.

I found a program online that delivers meals to your door - and it's all about portion control. It's not a miracle diet and it's not really anything special, but it's calorie counted already and it lets me pick out what food I want, so no chances of being lumped with a whole stack of dinners that I'll hate. My first parcel is due to arrive today and I'm super excited about it. I'm not going to be a program like this forever. It works for me right now since I have the time for it, but I'm not a silly eater and I know how to cook healthy meals. It's just that I need something to kick-start me; and I feel like a program with every single calorie counted for me might just be the booster I need to get me going. I'm trialling it for a month and if I hate it, I'll stop - but I'm hoping a few pounds will be shed within that month to make me feel motivated and happy to keep pushing forward.

Here's to trying new things... and hopefully seeing some positive results! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Fiona said...

I like the idea of those lite and easy things... but it's the variety I might struggle with! So long as they're not too salty...

Emilie said...

I've always thought about those types of programs. I never cooked much when I was living at my parents because it was just too hard to schedule different times to be in the kitchen, and in our last apartment our kitchen was SO small that it was so annoying to cook a real meal. I've been cooking a lot since we moved here and I hope that it helps me to watch what I eat more closely AND eat food that is better for me.

I always struggle with not seeing results and throw in the towel. Or I find ways to talk myself out of taking the extra time to make a healthy meal and exercising after work. Luckily, we have weddings to look forward to and I'm hoping that it will help keep me motivated at least for the next ten months or so ;)

Blanche said...

Fingers crossed that the new program makes a difference!

-R- said...

I think trying something new for a month is a good idea. Good luck! And good job hanging on!

Britt said...

You can do it my dear! I really hope it gives you some success so you can continue to be proud of your accomplishments :)

Jess said...

Oh, so sorry it's been so challenging. It seems unfair, you're working hard and doing everything right and you should be rewarded.

What is good to remember though is that even if you never lose a pound, what you are doing is good for you and improving the health of your body. Working out has all sorts of benefits for your fitness, your muscles, and most importantly your heart. And eating well gives you lots of good nutrients. Weight loss is a great side benefit of all that but even without it, the work you're doing isn't worthless.

Erin said...

I'm sorry that you are feeling so frustrated. Hopefully the new program will help!

Nathan Pralle said...

One of the hardest things is not seeing *visible* results of your efforts, BUT...I've learned lately that visible isn't always the end-all, be-all of reaping rewards, so, to that end:

1. Do you feel better in general? Less aches/pains?
2. Do you feel stronger? More flexible?
3. Are you sleeping better? More energy?
4. More endurance? Less puffing up stairs and so forth?
5. Are you able to complete exercise routines better, with less huffing, a better heartbeat, steadier breathing?

ANY of those, even if your clothes don't fit much better or you don't see a shape change, are worth it. Because at least internally you are getting fitter.

Meals-to-the-door are going to do more than just healthy, if you're like me, they're going to Portion Control, and that's my worst problem. I can make healthy meals easy. Eating small amounts of said healthy meals is NOT. Or of any meal.

I just had that experience last night. I'm trying to hold to 1900 calories/day or less right now, and we had KFC for supper because we had a lawyer's meeting. I figured out the calories beforehand and put ONE piece of chicken on the plate, ONE small pile of mash & gravy, ONE small pile of beans, and that's it. Ate it and stopped. Later on, I was putting it away, and my mind was literally SCREAMING for me to eat more. "WE'RE NOT DONE!" even though my stomach was NOT hungry. But my mind was. Horribly so. It SUCKED. I hope I can get past it, because right now, it's really blowing. But I know I need to.

Good luck -- I really hope those help out a ton, and keep up the work -- you're doing your internals a world of good!

heidikins said...

Hang in there doll--it's a beast, I know, but it will be so worth it!


Teacher Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's why I don't have a scale in the house. I get weighed when I go in to the doctor's office, which means I get to see the long term trends rather than the day-to-day changes (or lack thereof). It makes gradual weight loss easier to take, as a pound a month seems like an achingly slow pace when you measure daily or weekly, but going in for your annual check-up and finding yourself 12 pounds lighter is a pleasant accomplishment.

Plus, don't forget that whole muscle-weighs-more-than-fat thing. Working out every day is probably building up your muscles, which can mask weight loss.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the numbers on the scale start to drop for you soon!

Denise said...

Good on you for staying with it. It's tough to keep up with something when you're not seeing results, especially when you've been working so hard.

I'm feeling the same way right now -- except I've actually *gained* instead of lost. I'm hoping that Teacher A's wisdom is true, and that the muscle I'm building is just outweighing the fat that was once in its place.

The true test will be to put on my jeans, but yoga pants aren't as scary. I don't think I can take the feeling of FAIL if I were to put my jeans on and have them be tighter, not looser!

Hang in there, Aly!

P said...

Good luck with it, hope it works!

Personally, I've been recommending the Harcombe diet to everyone. You can continue to eat most foods, it's just in way you combine them. You should maybe look into it if you're interested.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

as a fellow buggered-up-follicle-cyster I understand.

Good luck with those meals, I would LOVE to do that but unfortunately my family would starve cause there is no way I would be cooking if I had my food ready made!

Emily Jane said...

Good for you for staying strong and motivated. I know it's so tempting to throw in the towel when things aren't happening immediately but it takes more to keep trying new things - good for you, I hope this new program helps!

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! Good luck with the new food. Let us know how it is!

I never understand how I can eat salads and fruit all day (and maybe a little ice cream) and still weigh more than the day before.

steph anne said...

It's frustrating when you don't see the pounds come off when you feel like it should be!! But that's great you're not giving up! :) I'm curious what program is this?

Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for you! I know very well how frustrating it can be to work so hard on your body and not see anything change on the scale. Here's hoping the new meal plan works!

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