Have you ever wished that you knew someone, anyone, in a particular field to help you out and throw a favour your way every now and again? I know I have - especially lately, since I'm trying to plan for so many things at once.

I wish I knew a travel agent, who could help me with my holiday planning later this year. I'm all for finding good deals on the internet, but making them run together smoothly at the best rate? I'm terrified of making a mistake and suffering for it later on. And any help to find amazingly cheap flights across the globe is always tops.
I wish I knew a violinist, who could play at our wedding ceremony without charging a fortune and costing me my first-born child. All I want is classical music to match our tiny church, but I don't think I can afford it.
I wish I knew someone who could help me with relocating Oscar back home. All the research I've done is apparently out of date and has left me having panic attacks over the inflated costs and about being a bad cat momma.
I wish I knew someone in the recruitment field back home, who could find me my perfect job for when I'm back in Sydney. This one's harder than it sounds though, because what is my perfect job? I have no idea in the slightest.
I wish I knew a hairdresser or a makeup artist, who could work with me and my girls for the wedding in June. Because it would be so much nicer to have a friend be in charge of making me beautiful, rather than a stranger.
I wish I knew a masseuse. Does this one really need explaining?
What are you wishing for right now?

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Teacher Anonymous said...

As for the wedding violinist, consider putting up some fliers at the music department of your local university once you get home. Hiring a music major will provide nice music for much less than a professional will run you.

Eris said...

I wish I could ship you my hairstylist and masseuse, you would LOVE them. I love them, I'm so lucky to have found them.

Can't you just pack your kitty up in a carrier and fly him home? Is there some kind of embargo or something? He is just a cat, not an exotic animal or something. Ah the troubles of bureaucracy, I am sorry you must deal with it.

Right now I wish I had all the comp and sick time I had to use up for work back from my stupid two month illness. I want to go to the beach damnit.

Carly {Creator of We Heart Life} said...


Sorry I cannot help you on any of these. I would offer makeup but I don't think I know enough to ensure you'd look gorgeous x

Just letting you know I gave you an award over at:



Nathan Pralle said...

I wish we had a friend or family member who could help out my wife in her online shop to get her back up to speed after Keston's illness; she's so far behind she's completely flipping out.

Britt said...

I feel ya my dear.
I wish all the people who haven't yet RSVP'd will do it soon. Like now.
I wish all my little annoying to do's were done.
I wish the fire alarm would stop going off in the floor above me in this hotel.
i wish my headache would go away!

Fuzzy Cert said...

Um. I know TWO violinists.

And I asked Sue your question. SHe gave me an answer. I shall email you if you don't come on msn at some point.

At least you know those by two degrees of separation.

Sian Kummer said...

wish i could help! Bear in mind that sometimes its still better to have a stranger do these things cos if something goes wrong and its because of a friend, you can lose the friendship!
it will all come together! :)

P said...

I wish I knew a personal trainer who would train me for free!

Miss A said...

I wish I knew a solicitor, an electrician, a painter, a removalist, a dermatologist, a beautician, an allergy specialist, and a relationship counsellor.

Let's improv!

~Kathryn~ said...

Kelly Beb ... makeup
I thought she did mine really nice ... (we can do a test run when you get home) and i also had a lady do something at work - and she was pretty good too

Hilary said...

I got lucky... My cat was quite sick for the past few weeks. Coincidentally, his illness perfectly coincided with our cousin, the vet’s, planned visit to our house.

heidikins said...

The whole idea of planning a wedding AND moving across the world in the same 6 months give me the heebie-jeebies. If you were closer I'd volunteer to do your hair and play the harmonica at your wedding.

Not that I can play the harmonica, but I'm sure it makes "Pacabel's Canon" sound lovely. ;)


Emily Jane said...

I like Teacher's idea of flyering! And I am slowly trying to befriend the girls at my hair/nail place so in 5 months time we'll know each other well enough that it'll ALMOST be like friends were doing my hair/makeup for the wedding :)

Anonymous said...

I've always been so jealous of those brides who have friends who bake cakes professionally or who style hair for a living. Good luck with everything!

Katelin said...

i would LOVE to know a travel agent that could just book our honeymoon for us, because man is it exhausting doing it on our own.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I wish for all of these things to come true for you, and for me to win the lottery.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! What happened to Oscar? I'm sorry he is missing =(

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