The Band That Brought Us Together

This past week, Jase and I got to do something that I never thought we would be lucky enough to experience - twice! We saw not one, but two concerts put on by our favourite band. Now this isn't just any old band that we like: this is the band that brought us together. Speaking of that story, I recapped it for my blog over at Weddingbee the other day, so if you want some of the juicier details, click here to read it. But back to the story at hand...


{I took approximately 5,000 photos just like this one, only blurrier.}

This was a pretty big deal for us - bands don't tend to make their way down to Australia because it is simply too far for them to travel - so for us to get to see them twice in our last few weeks of living in London, well, it felt like the fates were speaking to us once again. Jase was in charge of booking the tickets, got excited while doing so and ended up purchasing a second batch as well, which ended up being their final show in London.

I can't even begin to tell you what an experience this was for us. The band are amazing live, they had so much energy and so much personality - and they sing better live than they do on albums. Jase has been listening to recaps of the concert on his iPhone pretty much every day since the concert, they are just that good.

{I am totally about to bust out of my chair with excitement.}

We've been undecided on choosing a song for our first dance for all these months, but we always agreed that it's only fitting it be a Lifehouse number. (And, you know, if the guys wanted to schedule a Sydney visit in June in order to make a live cameo appearance, I'm sure we could loan them a few sofa beds to put them up for the night!) But since I'm being realistic and all, we're playing it safe and deciding between audio versions instead.

Our top choice, and the song that we call 'ours' is Everything. We're not using it for a few reasons, though: it's too long, and I refuse to ruin the song by chopping it into pieces for a few minutes of awkward shuffling, and also because a cousin of mine used it at his own wedding and I don't want to repeat it. Instead, we're torn between a few other alternatives - and luckily, they played a few of them at their concerts. We still haven't made a decision yet, but I think we're a lot closer now.

It's funny how seeing the band live has made me feel like I'm eighteen years old all over again. I'll admit, over the years I started to lose interest in them - but watching them rock out in person brought everything flooding back. I'm always going to be in debt to the band that led me to my best friend, and to my soul mate.

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K said...

I totally love Jason's "You Belong To Me"... Love! Not just cause it's in Shrek, either :)
I've already got our song picked, but Matt is dead set refusing to dance, so I don't know where that leaves us!

Emilie said...

Their shows have that effect on me brings the whole NNF era right back :) I am seeing them on Friday for the opening show of the US headliner. Can't wait! PS can't wait to find out which song you pick!

Britt said...

Love love love "Everything"
Great choice!

Natasha said...

I love the song "Everything" since hearing it on Roswell. My heart is all for "Someone Else's Song," though.

Anonymous said...

I love Lifehouse! How awesome that you got to see them!

I can't wait to hear what song you choose.

Emily Jane said...

Sharing concerts together is such an awesome experience! I bet this was amazing... especially since you're using a song of theirs in your wedding too. D & I have gone to a few together and though the concert itself wasn't the best I've ever seen, Franz Ferdinand will always remain cherished in my memory as we went to see them about an hour after we got engaged!

Liv said...

Lifehouse is an amazing band. My friend used "Everything" during her wedding and they ended up standing at the altar starting at each other for the last 5 minutes. They played it while doing a few of the ceremonial things and still had lot's of time to spare. But it's an absolutely beautiful song.

That's so exciting that you guys got to see them twice - Keep us updated on what you end up picking!

Karen said...

It's such a lovely way to meet and I'm thrilled you got to see LH again together! :) I really enjoyed seeing them the other week as well.
You know, the Lifehouse MB is how we know each other as well. :)

~Mum~ said...

i think this is a lovely and 'fitting' end to your time together in london !!!

love you

darn those cousins stealing your song !!!

Chantel said...

What a beautiful story Aly! I'm glad you've shared it and I popped over to the other site to read as well.

Seeing the band with all the history would have just been awesome!

So glad you got to see them together, and twice!!

terra said...

I love how some songs can just take me back to different parts of my life. There are a few Lifehouse songs that do that for me, in a good way, and I always smile when I hear one of their songs.

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