28 weeks + 5 days

It is amazing what a good four-hour stretch of sleep can do for your sanity.

I managed to sleep from 11.30-2.30am {until I was rudely awakened by hubby stumbling in to bed late} before pee break #1. Falling back asleep was easy, and I slept from 2.30-6.30am with NO breaks in between. Amazeballs! Finally, I napped - and slept in until 9.30am.

I feel like a whole new person.

Sleep is glorious. That is all. And I'm appreciating every little bit of it before this baby arrives! :)

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CBrain said...

2nd bed is doing wonders for my sleep (snoring husband). Losing bed next wknd as I've sold it. Renovating house, moving at some point and back to school.....hence no updates sorry. Still having the odd vomit but school hols did great things for that but back to work= back to morning vomit...comment hijack sorry.

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