29 weeks + 3 days

We had our first hospital class last night! We opted to do an evening course - so it's 2 hours, but runs for six weeks. Every Wednesday we will head to the hospital & meet with the same group of couples {which is really nice} and learn about childbirth & early parenting skills.

I had luckily already met one of the other mums-to-be; we had started chatting on an April due date group on a forum/facebook & found out we shared the same obstetrician. Her husband was really nice too, and there were about eight other couples - all around the 29-31 week mark, which was handy. The course was run by a midwife, which I liked... and randomly, she was one of the midwives who also works in the radiology/sonography clinic where I had my HyCoSy/HSG tubes test all those moons ago, before we did IVF.
The course seems fantastic! The midwife is hilarious, she tells it like it is, and there were the usual childbirth and labouring concepts thrown around that made use of a fabric pelvis, some stuffed baby dolls & a balloon uterus. We both felt really comfortable, though I think hubby took a little while to warm up to the information given. Last night was predominantly focused on pre-labour and stages of labour, and when to come to hospital. Next week will be more about what to bring with you, procedures upon checking in & having a tour of the birthing unit.
We're also proud owners of a four-month parking pass, which will cover all of our visits for OB appointments, hospital classes, the birth itself, and post-birth appointments. Cost us $80, but it'll save us in the long run, especially when each visit is $8-10 in parking fees alone. I think this is all really happening!
And as a random way to end this post.. is there anything sweeter than baby clothes on the washing line? I've got newborn whites & singlets drying today, and tomorrow's job will be colours. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee. #crazylady

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heidikins said...

...you have to pay for parking at the hospital!? That is so bizarre to me. My hospital is a massive research hospital attached to a medical school (which also happens to be my University. Go Utes!). They have huge parking garages that are stacked right into the mountain the hospital is built on, you need proof of an appointment or proof you're visiting someone to park there. However, the hospital also has free valet parking at their main doors (and their ER doors, if that's where you're headed) and I can't imagine going to the hospital any other way.

That being said, I am so happy about your birthing class and how big the bebe is and how CLOSE things are! So exciting!


heidikins said...

^^Just realized, this probably makes me sound like a super snob. "I simply MUST have valet parking at the hospital, anything else is just too common..."

Sigh. It's not like that. It's just a brilliant idea that I take advantage of EVERY time I go up there for labs or tests or whatever.


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