31 weeks + 6 days

It's been a little while since I last showed you progress pictures of baby girl's nursery. {Here's the last batch.} Truth be told, I've been avoiding the nursery since then - I felt like I had SO much to do, and there was no point organising it until I had accumulated more things & had more of an idea of what I still needed.

A few days ago, my lovely friend K came and helped me lug all of the baby shower gifties upstairs and start organising things. Despite our efforts, there was still a stack of things to do, so I took advantage of the rainy day weather & dug in. Hubby kindly put up the mirror & canvases that I've been harrassing him about, and I set to work on trying to get everything else packed away and in an easy-to-access place.

Enough blabbering: time for some pictures! Here's the rocker and Ikea cabinet, all filled up & organised.

In those wicker baskets are burp cloths, bibs, pacifiers, story books & baby toys. The owl mobile was hand crocheted by a friend overseas, and the print was lovingly made by Joy @ How Joyful. Do you recognise the quote? It's from 'our' Lifehouse song and it totally suits how we feel about this beautiful baby girl too.

Moving on to the other side of the room... which you might recognise from the last post. :)

This side hasn't changed too much, but I swapped the linens to match the wall a little better using sweet gifts from our baby shower. Want a closer look? I'll give you a clue: elephants and owls and patterns, oh my!

Here's the opposite side of the nursery, featuring the change table and chest of drawers.

The owl lamp was a total splurge, but I fell in love... and the mirror was reduced to $35, bargain find!

And, since I'm being practical, here is the 'not so pretty' part of the room - the wardrobe! I've stored all of baby's newborn and 0-3 month clothes in the chest of drawers, but needed extra space for other clothes & swaddles/blankets. Insert Ikea hanging shelves & a few baskets into the wardrobe... and ta-da. 3-6 month clothes have a home now, too. I've got a container of 6 month+ clothing in our linen cupboard for when she's bigger.
After I finished putting things away, I sat down in the rocking chair to rub my belly, and take it all in. It's bizarre to think that in eight weeks, a little person will call that nursery home and will be using all of those goodies. I'll be changing nappies on that table, and dressing our baby (!!!!) in the oodles of clothes I've washed and stored.

Is this the part where things start feeling more real? Because I am so freaking excited, it's not even funny.

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Lisa said...

The mirror is really cute. Everything's coming together!

Jen said...

Aly this is so sweet! We're leaning towards owls too and I hope our little girl's nursery turns out as cute as yours has! :)

Unknown said...

Love love love this!!! You did a great job decorating for your lucky little one!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

It looks fantastic! I love the owl lamp- totally worth it. :-)

thewritemama said...

Congratulations and what a great nursery. Here from ICLW.

Emily said...

Hello from ICLW! Your nursery is adorable!

Risa said...

Hi from ICLW! What an amazing nursery! It's so beautiful! Congratulations!

Reese said...

Hi from ICLW--returning your visit. I love the nursery! My favorites have to be the owls and the hearts on the wall in the last pic. Looks like you are just a couple weeks behind me in the pregnancy, but you are several months ahead of me in nursery preparation. My nursery is currently filled with boxes. Congrats on the baby girl!

Candace said...

The nursery looks soooo good and so pretty! YAY!!!!

Jess said...

It's gorgeous! I'm so excited that soon you'll have a BABY to use that room! Whee!

JB said...

WOW! I missed this post a few days ago. Gorgeous nursery. I love the owls and your bedding and honestly, everything about your nursery :) Enjoy it!! I can't wait till you have your little girl to complete the nursery. She's already so loved.

Audrey said...

Oh, Aly, it's beautiful! Baby girl's going to love her room when she gets here! Great job!

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