29 weeks + 5 days

I can't believe we're into the fortnightly obstetrician visits now - we've really only seen him five or six times throughout this pregnancy, and now I feel like I'll be at the hospital a  LOT more, especially with the classes continuing. I was feeling a little worried because my meetings with the doctor have been short and sweet up until now; like I was forgetting to ask him questions, or missing out on vital information about the baby.

Today's appointment was pretty standard again, though. While the meetings with the midwife and the doctor were still fairly quick, the wait time was NOT quick. Watching patients sail in and out with the other obstetrician on the floor with no waiting time was a little bit frustrating - but I have to try and remember that we picked Dr. P because of great recommendations. And let's face it, if it were me having a difficult pregnancy, I'd be wanting a lot of special attention too. :)

He had a new midwife starting yesterday. She took my blood pressure {borderline but steady as always} and pee sample {all good} and skipped a weigh in - huzzah! When she measured my fundal height, baby measured at 31 weeks - so a tiny bit ahead for the first time ever. She found a faint heartbeat, and told me that my placenta must be in the front... to which I was a bit puzzled, since the scans all showed it at the back.

When I went in to see the OB, I asked him about this - he said no, if it was at the back, it won't move to the front - chances are the midwife was incorrect. He also listened to the heartbeat again to ease my mind, and bam, it was front and centre, nice and loud. No worrying there! He commented on how well I'm looking, asked about how bub was moving, and said how happy he was with my glucose tolerance results. I did BETTER the second time around {woo!} with a final score of 5.9 - compared to 6.0 the first time.

For now, I'm just happy that baby girl & I are doing well so far. I'm perfectly ok with a 'boring' pregnancy!

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Miss Navy said...

Aly, thank you for posting everything that you've been through with IVF. My DH and I have been NTNT since May 2011, went to the REI clinic for the first time in April 2012, and are now slated to do IVF in April 2013, pending a BFN. Having only cycled twice, even on the meds, I'm excited and nervous for April!
I'm so excited for you and your DH. You're almost there, Mummy Jag!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

YAY for a boring pregnancy! I can only hope that this upcoming IVF cycle works and that I too can have a boring pregnancy. :-)

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