31 weeks + 4 days

Today was our fortnightly OB visit - he was running REALLY late {which he later told me was due to a 3am delivery} and the room was hot and miserable. I was not a happy camper this morning!

The midwife did the screening tests as per usual, and frightened me when she wrote down that my blood pressure was 155/90 - that's huge for me, even though my measurements are usually borderline. Once I got in to see the doctor, I questioned him about it {as she hadn't seemed concerned by the high reading} - he called her in and checked it, and turns out she just has messy handwriting! Blood pressure is actually remaining steady at 135/90, still borderline, but average for me during this pregnancy. We'll keep monitoring it.

I've been kept awake the last few nights from a few new symptoms - some painful tightening and cramping that had me a little worried. I've had Braxton Hicks before, but they don't usually hurt. These ones HURT. The doctor today said that some women get more uncomfortable BH contractions than others, and that if they became regular or measurable  I'll need to keep an eye on them. I also asked him about the 'kicked in the lady-parts' pressure from the last week {he laughed at that analogy} and he said it feels like baby girl is head down and pushing quite low - that added to the ligaments relaxing will make it feel that way. All normal.

Oh, and baby girl is measuring at 34 weeks via the OB's measurements. He thinks baby might be starting to take off, growth wise - he's keeping an eye on it, but said that he's happy that the IUGR fears from the beginning don't look like they're a worry at the moment. He mentioned maybe doing a scan in the coming weeks (pretty please?) to check on sizing, since fundal heights aren't always accurate. We'll see in another fortnight!

All in all, things are still just cruising along. I'm hoping baby isn't going to be too big, but I really do hope he will request a growth scan at the next visit - I so desperately want to see her little face again. Eight weeks feels like a million years away, even though it's not that long in reality.



Ali @ Not All Dreams Are Free said...

Baby is measuring at 34 weeks, and by the calendar you're almost 32 weeks? What a growth spurt! Does that sort of thing indicate an earlier birth? Or do these things catch up to each other? Overall, it sounds like a great appointment!

Kiddo Bliss said...

Considering how fast time is moving here, I would say 8 weeks will happen in a blink of an eye!

But, I am predicting when we hit 32 weeks or so time will slow to a snails pace and the anticipation will drive me bonkers.

Happy ICLW!

Amber said...

Measuring 34 weeks and you are only 31w,4days? And they were worried about her being small or not growing? I'd say she had something to say about that!! I would be right there with you though, and absolutely want the extra scan. Any and all opportunity to see the baby!

Jess said...

This is a lovely update. Also, people get frustrated that big babies are equated with healthy babies, and that frustration is justified because lots of small babies are healthy too... but as a mother of a big baby, I can tell you that it is reassuring, because there are quite a few health concerns that do have small size as a side effect. So a big baby does seem to have a lesser chance of having a health problem. Not that most small babies aren't perfectly healthy too, but a nice big baby is a good sign that little girl is just as healthy as can be in there.

Elana Kahn said...

That sounds great!! you are getting super close! I'll have fingers crossed that the Braxton Hicks calm down for you.

Happy ICLW!

Reese said...

Hi from ICLW--thanks for the blog visit. Congrats on your baby girl. I have a little girl too and it's absolutely wonderful. I hope the time continues to fly by for you!

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