Eleven Months

This cheeky, dramatic little girl is 11 months old & is the funniest thing. This past month has been full of surprises.

Taking monthly pictures is becoming a HUGE challenge. Too much movement!
This month Georgia has:
  • Cracked the 9kg mark! :) She's sitting happily at the 65th percentile now.
  • Cut three more teeth - #5, #6 and #7! Two more on the bottom & one on the top. And it looks like #8 isn't too far from cutting, either. Can't believe my little girl will have EIGHT teeth soon.
  • CRAWLED! Yep, we have commando-crawling aka the-walking-dead-dragging in the house. Huzzah, baby!
  • Started weight bearing on her legs - we put her up, she stands! Stands! Finally! :) Still working on getting her to pull herself up on to things by herself, though we apparently don't have enough furniture in our lounge room.
  • Been a little bit whingy; probably a combination of new milestones and lots of new teeth. Poor tired girl.
  • Kept right on waving HI and BYE, as well as making kissy noises to people. It is adorable, seriously.
  • Had her hair in a topknot most days - it's just too messy to eat without it! After her birthday, I think we'll go have her first haircut; problem is, it's all long at the front, but spiky fluff at the back.
  • Yelled. All. The. Time. Is this a phase? Holy moly, our ears are constantly ringing. It's awfully loud around meal times.
  • Become BFF's with both cats - they have formed such a lovely bond, it gives me the warm fuzzies to see them together. Even Evie, the most timid of kitties, will happily plonk down next to Georgia & let her play.
  • Been learning a few new things; how to say 'TA' after being handed things {still hit & miss, but she's made the sound a few times} and how to clap her hands together, as well as give high fives.
  • Slept really well - hopefully this continues. She currently sleeps from 8-7am, give or a take a few minutes. She also has two naps a day - though these can range from 30 minutes to an hour an a half. 
  • Become a fusspot while breastfeeding. Still on four feeds a day, though nursing sessions are super short now.
  • Got her daddy wrapped completely around her little finger. Ah shucks, her mama too. This kid is full of personality, is stubborn, independent, snuggly & chatty. I can't wait to see how her personality will evolve.
You can see all of Georgia's week by week pictures by clicking here.

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Unknown said...

So Adorable! I am so happy I found your blog

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