4 weeks + 1 day

Ah, beta hell. I had my blood taken yesterday, and spent the last 24+ hours freaking out.

My 14dpo came back at 93 - and I'll take another one tomorrow at 16dpo to make sure it's rising appropriately. I'm nervous, but happy. Average is just fine by me, just praying this little jellybean is nice & comfy in there.

I'm having a lot more cramping and bloating than what I remember with Georgia. And the tiredness, OH MY GOD, I forgot about the tiredness. I'm surprised it's hit me as early as it has. It doesn't help that I'm also sick, and up all night with Georgia {who's not sleeping well at all at the moment} but I just want to lie down all day.

Speaking of lying down, the baby is napping... and so shall I... zzzzzzzz.

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JB said...

That's a great number for 14dpo!!! I can't remember mine now, but it was close to that.

2nd pregnancy has been SO different than my first. You're so much more tired after chasing a baby around all day!

M said...

Ahhh, pregnant again...awesome! CONGRATS!!!

Feisty Harriet said...

Just seeing both of these posts! Squeee!!


Katelin said...

aw yaaaay! excited for you friend.

Lora said...

Visiting from ICLW. Prayers for good news tomorrow!

Liz said...

Beta hell is the worst. Hoping your next number is great

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