The TWW so far

1dp5dt - Georgia is sick, so we've been looking after her. We had a lot snuggle time on the lounge with blankies - lovely for her AND for us. Cramping today, thanks to the progesterone pessaries. Have NOT missed them.

2dp5dt - Feeling pretty normal, except for a niggly cough. I've had an odd cramping and pinching feeling, but it weirdly feels like it's my ovaries... what the heck are they doing? They've not had a big role to play this cycle! Silly buggers. Typical that they'd be annoying, they like to mess with my head. I was exhausted last night, went to bed and read a book at 8pm, then snored through most of the night.

3dp5dt - Georgia is still sick, and has shared her cold with me. We started our morning doing laundry, after she coughed so hard, she gagged & puked all over me/our bed, the poor little thing. The progesterone is just gross, as always. I'm so bloated and really warm all the time. Already itching to pee on a stick, although my gut feeling is negative - the blasty wasn't 100%, I have a cold, and I wasn't able to lie down much and chill out on transfer day like I wanted to. Odds are pretty small.

4dp5dt - Whyyyyy did I pee on a stick this morning? stupid, stupid, stupid. That had me staring at it under every different light surface, indoors, outdoors, just to see if I could see anything. I thought I saw a shadow, but it's ridiculously early. Today I'm feeing a little bloated, but this head cold is making me feel shocking.

5dp5dt - Can't get myself out of bed, feel like death. I pee'd on another stick and once again, all I see is white - until I stare at it long enough that I see another shadow. I'm a bit nauseous today, but it's all down to this sickness; can't swallow well, I'm hot/cold and all I want to do is sleep. Being sick in the TWW is just plain mean. I'm still hoping and praying that this will be a lucky cycle, but I would have expected a faint positive by now if it was. All these negatives already... well, not a great omen so far.

On the bright side, Georgia is finally perking up a bit!  Hopefully the worst is over for her. :)

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Put down the pee sticks pretty lady! Wait a few more days before testing again- for your sanity!

Miss Navy said...

You crack me up! I agree with Chica, (and feel a bit like the Soup Nazi), No More Pee Sticks For You! Relax, take care of yourself and Georgia. Running yourself ragged isn't going to help. And yes, I'm debating who's the pot and who's the kettle in this scenario!

Lisa N said...

Popping over from ICLW... Hope the rest of the TWW goes quickly and smoothly.

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