Fourteen Months

This month has seen the milestones go NUTS. She may be a little late in getting to places, but when she picks something up, she picks it up fast! My clever little girl. :)

I'm getting taller!
This month Georgia has:
  • Continued loving her food - the girl is a fantastic eater! She turns her nose up at some veggies, but if I mix them in a purée or a sauce, she'll usually give them a go. Favourite foods this month are pasta and sultanas.
  • Shot right up in height. I haven't weighed her this month, but she's definitely feeling bigger in all areas - especially length. She's outgrowing her size 0 pants & leggings in the leg, even though they're still baggy on her belly. 
  • Crawled ... everywhere! Actual, proper, hands & knees crawling. If she's in a rush, she'll sometimes revert back to dragging herself places, but for the most part, she's crawling properly.
  • Not only crawled... she also pulled up to stand for the first time a few days after she turned 13 months old. Once she did it for the first time, it was like she was unstoppable; everything was fair game!
  • Began cruising furniture. It started with the couch - she was headed sideways to grab the remote control, and then back again to hand it over to Oscar the cat. Now she's taken steps around a few of her toys, and is doing really well.
  • Used her little pram walker and taken a few steps with it! She literally just started doing this the day before last, which made me a very proud mummy.
  • Refused to let me put anything on her head, no sun hats, no beanies, nothing. Weirdly, she is more than happy for me to get her traditional 'whale spout' ponytail up each morning at breakfast time. We've started calling it 'the Georgia' ala 'the Rachel' from Friends. 
  • Started doing more independent play activities - I think this comes with the freedom of mobility. She's still always going to be my clingy little girl, but it's great to watch her learn and explore on her own.
  • Had lots of play dates with other babies, wait, TODDLERS {still not used to saying that} and has gotten on well with them. Makes me think now is the time to start getting her involved in a playgroup of some kind.
You can see all of Georgia's monthly pictures by clicking here.

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Sarah said...

go G go!

Jenny said...

What a busy girl! It's crazy when they pick something up, and suddenly it's like a waterfall with all sorts of other things learned.

I love her whale spout! :)

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