FET #1 - CD17

These last few weeks have been hard. Jumping back into the fertility centre experience, this time with a baby in tow. It's bringing back so many feelings of deja-vu, as well as some new ones: apprehension, nerves, tiredness.

I always thought frozen transfers would be easy, but not so far. I'd rate this cycle just as stressful as a full stim cycle, minus the side effects. It may be less drugs and less jabbing, but it's actually been MORE clinic visits, more blood tests, and more paranoia that things aren't working.

I'm taking Letrozole {Femara} to bring on ovulation - but it's not working well. Since CD10, I've been having every-other-day blood tests, and my hormones haven't budged. OPK's and fertility monitor negative, too. Even the Clomid cycle last month seemed to go better than this one has so far.

That said, yesterday's blood test said hormones looked to be rising - so I'm still crossing my fingers for a miracle over the next few days. If/when I ovulate, they'll let me go 5 days past & then transfer one of our day 5 embryos.

All we can do now is wait and see.

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Non Sequitur Chica said...

Fingers crossed you ovulate!!

Unknown said...

Good luck!!!

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