Menulog Australia: A Review

It's a chilly winter's evening, and two out of three of our household members are down for the count with a nasty cold - myself included! When you're not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is cook: why not order in?

We don't tend to get deliveries very often, because hubby & I can't always agree on what we want. Enter Menulog - a handy website that lets you plug in your location & see what yummy dinner options await!

After perusing the options, we decided on Thai food - hopefully a little bit of spice might help clear the airways! One of our favourite Thai restaurants was listed on our local page {click here for even more Thai options} but we decided to be brave and give a new one a go. The restaurant we chose was Kinn Thai who are located in Castle Hill, NSW.

Ahhhhh... sweet, sweet food.

The site was very user friendly, even for someone who had never used it before. After popping in our suburb and choosing a restaurant {after looking at the reviews}, it was just a matter of clicking the meals to add them to our cart. This particular restaurant gave little pop ups to compliment your dishes - so after choosing the course, it gave you a preference of prawn, chicken, beef, etc. It also gave the option of spice level; mild, medium or hot. Once I had added our dishes to the shopping cart, it was just a matter of choosing a payment option - and boom! All done. Within seconds, I received an email and an SMS confirming my order and time. Also, to make it easy for future deliveries, after ordering for the first time through them, the website automatically created an account for me; anything that makes the process even easier is a big positive in my books.

As far as the delivery goes, well, that's related more to the restaurant than it is to the actual Menulog service. We ordered for 6pm, with well over an hour's notice from when we booked. It arrived just a few minutes past that time, and the delivery driver was lovely. The meal itself was great; pad thai for me & a chicken and cashew stirfry with rice for the hubby. The only fault I have with tonight's order is that it didn't come with complimentary prawn chips - an old favourite of mine! I have no complaints at all; was a simple, fuss-free delivered meal.

Thanks for organising tonight's dinner for us, Menulog - the slogan says they're No.1 for Online Takeaway, and after tonight's good service, I'm inclined to agree. What are your go-to restaurants for home delivery?

Breathe Gently was provided with a complimentary gift voucher to spend on meals from the Menulog website - all reviews are my own. If you are interested in a product review appearing on Breathe Gently, please email me.

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