37 weeks + 2 days

I came to a realisation this week - I have completely forgotten about how to parent a new baby.

I'm deep in the throes of preschooler-hood, so I'm great at tantrums and bargaining and routines, but I feel like I've blocked out a lot of those early days.
So... since we're {hopefully} in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I'm putting the call out to my fellow mamas for help:
What was some of the best advice that you found helped during the newborn days? 
Bonus points if it is specifically for baby #2, but I'll quite happily take any and all hints and tips.
I think the one thing I'll 'plan' on doing (and I say plan VERY loosely) is to get new baby used to going with the flow with Georgia & I's schedule - because while I had the luxury of doing everything by the baby the first time, we have a lot of stuff that needs doing these days... but we'll see how we go.
Otherwise, I think I'll just prepare to be thrown back in the deep end and just see what this little lady's personality is like.
Oh my gosh .... I can't believe I'm going to take another little person home with us soon. This is insane!

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Mrs. Higrens said...

Not advice, so much, but for me one of the continuing hardest parts of the transition from 1 to 2 is finding moments/time for 1:1 activities with R1. And bedtime with 2 can be insane. I hope Jason can take some of that over.

R2 certainly had to go with the flow as far as things like school drop and pickup for R1. Since R1's school is not within walking distance, this is where a infant bucket carrier was invaluable because R2 would invariably fall asleep in the car and it was good not to have to disturb her having to pull her out of a fixed seat.

As for advice, "let it go" became my theme for the first few months. As long as everyone, including me, was alive and fed at the end of each day I counted it a success.

Candace said...

The best piece of advice I read and followed when we had #2 was of both are crying, respond to #1 first.
We just fit #2 into our schedule and routine. We still do. He's a very easy going kiddo because of that.
You'll slip right back into it.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Just know that it is going to be hard but that's okay and totally normal. Try to have G help as much as possible with the baby (can you bring me a new diaper? Etc) and learn how to nurse while doing other things (reading a book, doing a puzzle, etc). I'm still in the thick of needing to spend tons of time with #2 but have your husband take G to do fun things while you are at home with the baby. Remember that newborns sleep a lot so try to sleep with her when you can! You can do this!

Kathy said...

I have 2.5 yrs between my girls. I think the biggest relief was realizing how much time i'd still get with DD1 in the early days, i'd forgotten how much newborns sleep! So i really focused on time with her when bub was asleep so she was fine to do her own thing when bub was awake. Also, a month for them is forever, as sad as it is she'll soon forget what life was like when she had you all to herself and adjust to having a sister as the new normal. The first year had plenty of hard moments, but now they're 3.5 and 1 i can see glimpses of what they'll be like when theyre a bit older playing together and being besties for life. So excited for you! I had my first a few weeks after Georgia so ive been following your journey, you deserve much love and happiness! xx

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