Baby #2 - Week 34

How far along: We are at 34 weeks! Can you believe it? :)

How big is baby? Oh, I do love me some butternut pumpkin.. nom, nom, nom.

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Sleep: Great, aside from the peeing.

Symptoms: It's ALL in my back (and ribs) this week - and painful!

Best moment of this week: Just nailing one more week. It's so nice getting great reassuring news from my OB. From now on, baby should hopefully be a-ok after birth, just needing some special care time to help with feeding and what not. I can do this!

Miss anything: I have a random desperate craving for big slabs of brie and camembert cheese & a glass of wine.

Movement: Quieter this week, except for the odd sharp boot to the ribs.

Food cravings: I'm just hungry in general!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, all good here.

Gender: Girl!!

How's your mood? I'm doing ok! Sore, but happy. I am so glad to be here, I'm happy that the baby is doing well, grateful to still be home, relieved to have a good doctor and medical team, lucky to have help from my family. And SO thrilled it's September! A September baby sounds a lot less scary than a July or August one would have been. :)

Looking forward to: Next Friday's OB check in - one more week to try and hit, so that I can see the baby again.

The Bump: I'm at the point where I'm going to miss the bump again when it's gone. I do so love it.

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34 weeks! What a huge milestone! Fingers crossed for a few more weeks of baking from here!

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